Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Next Five Years

ISBN: 978-0-307-71977-5
While going through photos on Instagram, @ellymae had a photo of a 5 year project she was starting. It's this book called Q&A a day. Each day, you answer one question about you that is true for that day. Pages start at January 1, but you can start any day. There are five lines that are marked 20__ per date page (ie: April 12) and you write the current year next to them. So 20 __ will start at 2012 and end at 2016, if you start this year.

Mine came in the mail yesterday, in the midst of a huge emotional upheaval. I decided to wait to start the book until today, because yesterday I wasn't in a place to do much of anything. I'm not much better today, but the sun is out and, frankly, it's up to me to pull myself up by my  bootstraps, out of my own sadness.  Today I filled in May 12, then realized it was only March, so I went to March 12, then realized it was actually April. Long week...

Today's page

I filled in April 12, and I'm committing to doing a page a day. It's only four lines and I think that looking back at what has (and hasn't) changed as life passes, is a good thing. Available on, but cheaper on 

Make a five year commitment to yourself. It's the one thing you know that you are able to commit to for sure... unless, of course, you die :)

Not a bad quote for a cover page.


  1. I will do the project with you. I am ordering my book today. It sounds like a greaat way to see and correct patterns in your life.

  2. Love this - I enjoyed doing Sarah Ban Breathnach's Gratitude Journal years ago, and I think this will be as enlightning. As hard and crummy as it is sometimes, I do truly believe 'you are exactly where you're supposed to be'. It's just up to us to do something with that, I'm looking forward to this project helping. . Thank you for sharing your Goddess wisdom and insight!