Monday, September 9, 2013

To Everything (turn, turn, turn), There Is A Season

You'd think that living with a meteorologist, I'd be more weather aware. Instead, I rely on getting a personal forecast at a moment's notice and, because of that, I don't really think about the weather. He tells me if it's going to rain, or be unseasonably chilly, allowing me to be lazy and not pay attention. But the weather we've had these past few days has demanded my attention.

Autumn or Summer?

It's been so chilly, with temps dropping into the 50s, that I'm physically shocked at how cold it's gotten. My dogs have also taken notice and have new found energy, since the oppressive heat has lifted. The autumnal chill has gotten me deep into thoughts of apple picking, fires in the fireplace (in addition to the fire pit), and (dare I say) pumpkin picking. I've been melting wax to make warm scents like butter pecan, pumpkin bread, and s'mores scented candles.

And while I sit freezing in our home, snuggled in my writing chair in a cozy Jetty sweatshirt and contemplating kicking on the heat, I try and wrap my head around the fact that a warm front is about to push through and bring us temps in the low to middle 90s in just two days. That's a 40* difference.

I'm wondering what I prefer; the revisiting weather of summer, or the introduction into fall. The thought of summer weather again will be lovely, but I am just starting to adjust to thoughts of fall. Add to that the fact that it's getting darker earlier, and the kids are in school... it just doesn't feel like summer to me. How about you? What's your preference?

Tiffany Palisi is the owner of Domestic Goddess Ltd., a company that specializes in hand poured, scented candles. In addition, she refinishes furniture and sells vintage items through her online shop, Second Chance Vintage. She resides in New Jersey with her family. She can be reached at


  1. Im ready for fall

  2. Im still learning how to post. But i love fall be because i love the sound of leaves crunching under my shoes plus. My son birthday is on halloween. Can't forget leaf fights yayyyy