Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Party on the River and a Red Desk Can Save A Life

It's been a wild few weeks. I was one of two lucky women to be in W's sister's wedding (the bridal party was me, and his brother's wife, K). The weeks leading up to the wedding had us in a swirl of bridal flurry. The day after was a party with the family who was visiting from out of town. God, we had a blast. The kids even decorated the Mr. + Mrs. car with Just Married ribbons and signs. That following weekend was Father's Day, when I experienced a severe bout of tinnitus that left me making deals with God, and trying every supplement and drug I could get my hands on to make the insane noise stop. Two things, though, brought me back to this blog.

First, I visited my friends' (KT and M's) house for drinks. We first started getting close back in September, and as the seasons changed, our friendship grew. Being that it is our first summer together, I hadn't seen their backyard until this night. I was in awe. It sits on the river, and has various seating areas throughout the yard. There is the deck, a dining area, and then another seating area with a firepit as a centerpiece. M had just finished putting in beautiful stone steps (with his own hands) that will be lit up. They have a wrought iron chandelier hanging from a tree branch, that is lit with candles. Everywhere, there were candles and firesticks. Cool iron pieces held candles in different forms and sizes. I begged them to allow me to steal their ideas, and use them in my backyard.

And while I did find the perfect chandelier, none of my tree branches are anywhere near low enough to hang one. I did, however, find a cool tiered candle holder for the table, at a Cedar Lake garage sale this weekend for $2. Hey, it's a start.

Now, the second thing was this beautiful red desk.

the red desk, now mine, in the entryway of my home

My friend Andrea has just finished recreating an old desk, and put it for sale at her store, Savannah Hope Vintage. Her shop is full of beautiful things, but frankly, my house is nearly full (and all from Savannah Hope Vintage). When I saw this desk, though, I fell in love. My house is mostly shades of yellow and blue, but the red in this desk was just too perfect to pass up. My front entry hall has been home to an unused bench for six years now, and I knew the desk would replace it perfectly. (The bench is primed and will be painted to sit on my deck outside.) I got a matching-ish rack with hooks, and all together, I am thrilled.

the hooks
I feel that I am renewed and ready to return to blogging about home, life, and my beautiful family. Please stay tuned. (Follow me on my facebook page, too!)

Spoiler for upcoming blog: Granite is being installed in my kitchen Tuesday. I built benches and they were the wrong size. Wait 'til you hear this one...


  1. And even more miraculous.. NO MOSQUITOES ! We loved having you visit and you can steal ALL thie ideas you want :) Except maybe the "firepit" .hehehe. Oh and M wants you to mention the gardens of flowers and manicured mulch beds too ( haha ). I will expect to see you waiting on the deck on Fridays for Happy Hour !!

  2. sounds like my kind of yard. I think I will steal the chandelier idea as I have one in the SHV window just waiting to be lit with candles. I am so happy you love the desk, I do too! I can't wait for the house tour!

  3. In response to KT and ADeM:

    Okay, wait KT. Tell Mr. M that I will gladly mention his flowers, the beautiful peonies, the lilies, the rhodies, rose of sharon, and all of the other flora and fauna in an upcoming blog. It's true that the garden did cast quite a spell on me. My writing was short as my computer battery was steep into the red as I wrote. Not an excuse, just an explanation. I forgot to write about the top secret bar... (NEVER!) And yes! No mosquitos. Imagine that. No mosquitos on the river... and that beautiful pink sunset. Too much goodness to share! So, we have the kids this Friday. Any chance for happy hour on a Saturday? I miss you! And our nail appts. My boy is just going to have to tag along this Friday (my nails are a mess. Haven't been since our last appt!)

    And about that chandelier that's in your window, ADeM, I am totally doing a drive by. While I don't have a branch to hang it outside, I am curious if it will fit in that little spot in my kitchen I was telling you about. Hmmmm....

    xoxox to you both.

  4. Bummer babe, we are booked solid this weekend. Check you soon for round 2 though !

  5. The soon to be gallery owner is officially "on the hunt" for your light fixture. I too will be out tomorrow looking. "The Girl" will watch SHV. The chandelier is the real deal and is heavy HEAVY iron and rusted all over. It is not electrified, so would be best suited for candles. Now that I am thinking I sent out a very shabby beige metal light fixture to be rewired. I will be getting an update on it's progress on Friday night. Once I have it you will have first dibs.

    ow is Mr. Mustache??

  6. hahaha... rockin' the sk8 stash like he created it! awesome!!!!!!