Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because etsy can do anything...

It's been a busy few weeks here in the kitchen. I had new granite countertops installed, replacing the old green formica. I bought and assembled four counter stools so that Johnny, Em, Mol and W can sit at the counter to watch me cook, or have a place to eat, do homework, or whatever. With that came a new sink, and plumbing work, and then I found a new (old, but new to me) killer light, and then received my custom made table.

With all this, Andrea at Savannah Hope Vintage found me a new pendant lamp that almost perfectly matches the one she found me for my hallway, so once that's wired and hung, the kitchen will be perfect! As soon as that's done, I will post a photo for you all to see.

But first, the table. I wanted a nice kitchen table, that was small enough to fit in the space in my kitchen that allows us to eat in. We have been eating at a table that served us well, though it was poorly made. We got it at Kmart, about 7 years ago, following my divorce. It was a white circular table about 36" in diameter, made from particle board, I believe. At tag sales, we found mismatched wooden chairs, one with a rush seat the other with wacky black plastic seats, so we put cushions on them. I always loved the chairs, but wanted a table that was solid. For about three years, I've been looking to replace it, though there are few tables that are that small. I searched etsy and found a number of woodworkers that made tables. I wanted something affordable and made to my specifications. I tried a local guy, from Brooklyn, who never responded to my inquiries. There were a handful of others, but in the end, I found a shop that was family run, would work to my specifications, and priced right.

Blueridge Woodworking in North Carolina, run by a husband and wife team, made my table the exact size I wanted, and finished it with an eco friendly, low VOC finish (per my request and for a small additional charge). I chose Durostain in Cedar. The table came with easy assembly instructions, pre-drilled holes, nuts, bolts, and washers. I put the table together, then realized I couldn't squeeze it in through the kitchen entryway. I had to take it apart and reassemble it in the kitchen. And still, it was easy. The table is rock solid, and Blueridge even sent those little felt rounds that stick to the bottom of the table to protect the floor. (I didn't use them, dragged the table across the wood floor, and had no problem. Though I do appreciate that they were included.) 

The table is much more beautiful than I could have possibly envisioned, and I am so happy that I chose to have Blueridge Woodworking make it for me. I can't wait to eat at it, have the kids do homework there, and let daily living bruise it up and tell our story. Check it out. The photo doesn't do it justice.

My custom made table. All wood. Handmade in North Carolina by Blueridge Woodworking.

Now, since I seem to be working backward from most recent... I found the greatest vintage lakeshore dock light at the etsy shop Saffron Colored Pony. The listing (I was searching for pendant lights that plug into the wall) said, "Large rusty patina cover of metal with stems running down to enclose the sea glass green large glass bottle. Newly wired, with an on/off switch in the cord. cord is 10 ft. long. discovered this in a small town on Lake Huron on one of my many drives in the Thumb." While I am not sure where the Thumb is, I love that this was found vintage, and was rewired. Perfect.

I started by hanging it over my countertop in the kitchen, but being over 43" around, and 18" tall, it was too big for the spot, so I moved it to my dining room (and got that other pendant light from Savannah Hope Vintage for the kitchen spot). I fell in love with this the minute I saw the listing, but it wasn't cheap, so I kept trying to find others. I kept coming back to it. And every single day since I received it, I've fallen for it just a little harder. Worth every penny.

Vintage lakeshore dock light from Saffron Colored Pony.
Painting on top right, "On the Rocks" is by fine artist Laurie Harden. Palm tree painting below was a tag sale find. 

But what started the kitchen overhaul was the granite. Actually, I had the three layers of linoleum ripped out of the kitchen and family room (and some old carpet, too) and replaced with hardwood floors a few years ago, then got my amazing sideboard from Savannah Hope Vintage, which just raised the standards of the kitchen to a whole new level. But until that formica was removed, the kitchen just wasn't working. My brother told me about a company that turns the work around in three days, and allows you to pick your own slab of granite and see where it will be cut, All Granite and Marble. This allowed me to choose the swirls and markings that I liked. The granite I picked was a game changer.

Beautiful yellowish/sand colored granite with flecks of gold and swirls of brown. 

While I did have to have the water shut off, the formica ripped out, the cabinets leveled, and a handful of other nonsense, leaving me without hot water for a week, it was so worth it. My kitchen looks brand new. The only two things that remain old are the stove and the cabinets. And for now, that stuff is going to stay. 

Tonight, I am going to bed so very happy. Though I am working through some health issues (thanks to some herbal supplements and acupuncture), I feel content with the knowledge that my kitchen, finally, is the kitchen of my dreams.


  1. I am so pleased and delighted that you continue to fall in love with this light-It's my wish that all my Etsy customers would develop such a love affair with their purchases from me, the SaffronColoredPony! It makes me smile to see it in your home-don't forget, it can sit flat on a table too! or outside on a covered porch....

  2. Fabulous!!! just fabulous!!!! That DG really knows how to pull a room together!

  3. Oooooh lala. Big KT says "tres chic" !

  4. I am so happy that you love the table. We try to take our time with each order to put as much care and attention to detail and quality as possible. Thank you for sharing it with all your readers.

  5. Weighing up kitchen countertops ideas before you select one for your home is really a must if you desire to have the best.

  6. Yes, that's so true Montanna. I got to hand pick my piece which was amazing. I even got to designate which swirls went where.

  7. Oh, and the green formica came with the house. I surely didn't pick it.