Sunday, January 12, 2014

Obsessed! with You Da Balm

Scrolling through my OpenSky feed, I happened upon a lip balm with cool graphics and an even cooler name. You Da Balm, a company based out of Brooklyn, NY makes organic lip balms. They were offering three flavors: coconut, tea tree, and grapefruit.

I decided to try the three pack, to see which I liked best. When the package arrived, there was a sweet hand written note inside. I tried each of the three amazing flavors, all good, but I will say that I could have called my favorite (even before purchasing). I am mad about anything coconut, so I was not surprised that I loved it best. 

I love You Da Balm. Necklace available on etsy (click here).

This lip balm goes on smooth, is moisturizing without being greasy, and tastes fabulous. And the company has a good heart. You Da Balm's officially partnered with PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center; an organization devoted to educating school faculty, students and parents on how to intervene during (and in hopes of preventing) instances of bullying. Proceeds from each sale of YDB will go towards PACER's efforts.  

I love the product so much that I chose to buy a case and give it as a free gift to any of my shoppers that posted a photo of our products on social media.  I mean, I am Obsessed! with You Da Balm.

Visit them on the web at
Find them on facebook by clicking here; OpenSky by clicking here.

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  1. O' boy there's that LOOK... Please don't eat it :) It's gotta be some awesome You Da Balm!