Monday, January 20, 2014

The Skinny on Coconut Oil

I've always been a fan of coconut oil. Before Dr. Oz and other big hitters were touting it's ability to help us lean up, I was a fan. Raised by parents who took me, as a kid, to our local health food store, Jandi's Nature Way (now Jandi's Natural Market), for a treat, natural peanut butter, sesame seed sticks and Tiger's Milk Bars were my version of normal. It's because of them that I gravitate toward health food stores.

I started using coconut oil as a moisturizer. For years, I used it every time I got out of the shower, used it while out in the sun (never burned, btw), and as lip balm. I sometimes used it to cook with, but I was more attached to using it for body care.

While browsing OpenSky, I saw coconut oil in a cool package and wanted to try it. Skinny Coconut Oil looks luxurious.

Skinny Coconut Oil. It's as good as it looks.
Well, in this case, looks are NOT deceiving. This stuff is incredible. It's solid, but the minute it hits your skin, it melts to a smooth liquid. It is not greasy, but is very moisturizing. I used it on my body after the shower and my skin immediately felt nourished. I used it on my lips which is great because it's totally edible and makes kisses taste good, too.

Just a few days ago, while adhering wicks into my empty candle glass, a bit of hot glue dripped from the glue gun and landed on my right hand. As I attempted to pull it off with my other hand, it attached to my finger and began to burn. Within seconds, the pain became excruciating and I ended up with a second degree burn.

Ouch. Burns hurt.
I know that you aren't supposed to put certain things on a burn (like butter), so as I was crying in pain (seriously, those burns hurt), my called for my boyfriend to search our house for burn cream. We didn't have any (who does?). I said no to Neosporin, no to similar options. I didn't want something to prevent infection. I wanted something to make the pain go away. And then it hit me. The coconut oil. To me, coconut oil is like magic (as is coconut water). I asked him to please get the coconut oil to put on the burn. Now, I did have my finger soaking in water for quite a while, but every time I'd take it out, it would sting. I applied the coconut oil to the burn and, boom, just like that it felt much better. Given that coconut oil is anti-bacterial, I've continued to apply it to the burn daily.

I've shared the coconut oil with my dogs, whose coats already seem shinier. I've applied it to my frown lines, my cuticles, and to my lips after brushing my teeth. Being a former smoker (I know, gross, right?), I worry about lines forming above my lips, but I cannot imagine the idea of using Botox to make them disappear (that immobile upper lip on Courtney Cox is disturbingly distracting).  Instead, I'm slathering the coconut oil there, as well. The options are endless.

Skinny Coconut Oil uses a process that, the company info explains, is "not duplicated by any other coconut oil manufacturer in the world." It's a process that "extracts the 100% RAW coconut meat by cooling and dehumidifying" their hand picked, virgin coconuts. They go on to teach that heated coconut oil makes is "less effective and more difficult for the body to absorb. Unfortunately, the majority of oils on the market claim to be "cold pressed" when it is only the final step... that uses a cold pressed system."

I am happily becoming dependent on the jar of Skinny Coconut Oil that's sitting on my bathroom shelf.  Just $24.99 for 16.7 oz., it's easily beats out the price of good face creams, is far more effective... and all natural.

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