Thursday, September 30, 2010

Locks Like Lively

I want to have hair like Blake Lively. Apparently, I am not alone. When I went to Google for a picture, I started typing Blake Lively and "hair" came right up.

It's long, it's the best color and it has these fabulous curls while still being straight, if that makes sense. While I have longish, blondish hair, it's not like Lively's. I can't figure out her trick. It doesn't look like she has extensions, and it's not so long that it looks matronly. It's just perfect.

Gossip Girl was never something I watched, so I'd never seen her on-screen before, but when I saw her in The Town, I just kept thinking... well, I was thinking that her accent was a nightmare, but I was also thinking how fabulous her hair was.

Do I need to condition more, straighten less? Cut in long layers? Last time I tried to have long layers cut in, I had that Jennifer-Aniston-Friends haircut. Yuck. If I weren't almost 41, I might walk into a hair salon with her photo, and say, "Give me hair like this."

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