Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sunday, A Day of Rest (from writing, that is)

Countdown to the campfire has begun. Tomorrow I will not be writing my blog, as I will be knee-deep in good friends and their (and my) children. In an attempt to get as much done as I could in advance, I used my air popper to make tons of popcorn for tomorrow, and let me tell you, it's so much better than my old one, because I don't have to stand there and crank the handle. I got out my griddle and made my son homemade pancakes while the kernels cooked themselves. The popcorn is gorgeous and white, without one unpopped kernel. I added a little salt today, to keep the popcorn dry, and tomorrow, before everyone arrives, I will melt butter and pour it all over the top. (Ready to give up your nuke-o-waved popcorn? If you do, I will send you a baggie full of my Boy Scout kernels to try. You won't ever go back, I assure you.)

I picked up 12 lbs. of pork butt (butt. ew, sounds gross but apparently it's better thank pork loin) that I ordered from my butcher, cut it so it will fit into my two slow-cookers, and put the remaining 2 lbs. in the freezer for another time.  Of course, I forgot the buns, so I will be back to the market for the third time in two days! Then again, I also need a bunch of cider for tomorrow, so ultimately it's two birds, one stone.

I bought bags of local apples -- three of which my son's already eaten -- and thirty ears of corn. I am feeling the fall spirit, regardless of the summer temps. Last night, being so excited for Sunday, I decided to light a giant fire in the fireplace. Within 15 minutes, I was hot hot hot, like you wouldn't believe. My head's in the game, but mother nature just isn't playing nice. Apparently, it will be cooler tomorrow, in the low 70s, which would be wonderful, given the party plans. Campfires and hot cocoa (made in my Bialetti cocoa maker with Silly Cow Farms Natural Hot Chocolate, topped with plump, mini marshmallows) isn't quite as appealing when it's hot outside.

Last minute, I will be getting more firewood, booze, and perhaps some more mums. And then, party! Have a great weekend.

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