Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh, So Nosy!

I'm a bit stressed. As I prepare to send out my thank you notes (and you will read about them once I know that my friends have received them - they're awesome) at the post office, I get a call from someone regarding a situation that I don't want to discuss, something incredibly uncomfortable. The call lasted 35 minutes, most of which had me in tears, or speaking loudly, wishing that I could be anywhere but here.

Consider it the straw that almost broke this camel's back.

After a rough few weeks, I was hoping that things were starting to settle down. I was focusing on the positive changes that I'd made in my life, feeling good about them. But then, after I turned down a bid for an addition on my house, the person (subsequently referred to as said party) who presented the bid had the audacity to send me an email reminding me that said party is "distressed by the direction of my alternative design proposal", which said party didn't even see because someone else will be handling it. It's just not said party's business. Said party also referenced that I "date an artist" and have "spent tons of money" on my home. Unrelated and, once again, not said party's business. I would almost tell you why said party thinks it is said party's business, but that would out their identity, and I just don't think it's fair to share that online. Now, I was willing to let this all of slide and move one -- noting that said party must have been hurt by losing the bid -- even though the email was an unprofessional, if not outright ballsy response, except that said party started telling my neighbors said party's concerns about what appeared to be my decided changes. And one of my neighbor's brought them to my door. (Neighbor referenced: If you are reading this, show me that I'm wrong about you and that you are not the gossip frenzy girl I think you are by not sharing this with anyone. And please, don't come back knocking at my door to talk about it.)

My neighbor, whom I hadn't said a word to about the addition, came to my house to ask me to please rethink my addition, and not do it cheaply, because she'd heard from the person addressed above, well, their whole side of the story. This is both unprofessional and gossipy. When one receives a professional proposal for work, one expects that they can choose not to accept the proposal. Furthermore, it would seem that the professional who made the proposal wouldn't go around town talking poorly about the desired client. You would think. The fact is that I do not live in a condo complex, and I can basically do whatever I please with my home. I could even paint it pink, put flamingos on the lawn (KT, can I borrow yours?).

I've been too friendly, it seems, with my neighbors and proposed contractors, otherwise these people wouldn't feel that I had an open door policy. I cannot imagine telling someone what to do with their house. Not for a minute. I have watched my neighbors do things that I don't agree with, but I've never said a word. Fortunately, I have really great neighbors on one side of my house, a husband and wife with two adorable little boys, and for me, they are my saving grace.

But I've had it with living on the D list version of Wisteria Lane (thanks, JMK, for that reference). Please, keep your nose in your own affairs.


  1. what crap? who are these people? sounds like they are bored and have nothing better to do than talk shit. actually sounds like theyr jealous of you.

  2. Big KT makes great voodoo dolls .. just say the word.

  3. My pink flamingo pair are vintage and would look TOO good on your front lawn.. what you need is a 1988 Pick Up truck, up on blocks with bondo all over it... "Freebird" blaring out of a boombox whilst W pretends to "tinker" with the engine.. and that's just for starters !

  4. Oh, you are too funny. I like the way you think. We need to brainstorm... Ward suggested a bathtub filled with flowers. I just thought a cheap plastic outdoor table with cheap plastic chairs dead center on my front lawn.

  5. Totally shocking and yet....expected. Small people...very small. Just say the word DG and I too will join in to add my little bit of "funky junk" to the lawn.....if only to make a point.

    I say have a "funky junk" party......off the hook, give them something to really talk about.

    Get an old lady house coat(with knee high panty hose slipping down) and walk around the neighborhood singing "ive gotta be me, Ive gotta be meeeee"

    When i moved to the place I lived in my "former" life. The women (parents of the other girls) would attempt "drive bys" to see what kind of a house I lived in.EW EWWW Small people.

  6. Yes, small small folks, for sure. I LOVE the idea of a funky junk party ADeM, however, I'm not small enough to retaliate. The fantasy exists, but as my friend says, "If you wrestle with a pig, you both get muddy." I prefer to get my own sort of dirty, without the hands of my neighbors.

    I will leave them to their small, petrified lives.

  7. Agreed.....but it is fun to "create" some havoc in our minds....and laugh, always laugh