Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank You. Please, May I Have Another?

I cannot say it enough. Sending thank you notes is important, and it makes everyone involved feel good. While a verbal thank you does work on the spot, following up with a hand-written note is just good manners. Now I must say that I have a few friends who are amazing with thank you calls, which are lovely, and thank you emails. There is something, though, about getting a stamped note in your mailbox from someone who wanted to say thank you. They took the time to pick out a note card, write a message, address and stamp it, and then mail it. It shows effort and care, and in today's fast paced world, that means a lot.

Two years ago, I got turned on to a card company called La Familia Green. W's cousin's wife, and one of my favorite mama's, A, sent me a thank you note for a new baby package that I'd sent to her family. It was a cool folded thank you card with a luchador giving the thumbs up, written below him was the word "gracias" (link here). I loved the kitchy style of the card, and went to the website to check out the rest of their shop. I ended up with purchasing a six pack of "G Thanks" cards that still make me laugh when I send one out.

I've always been a big fan of note cards, for as long as I can remember. My grandmother used to have a box of all occasion cards that she would take out anytime she had to write a note, whether it be a thank you note, a birthday card, one saying "get well", or even just a quick note to say "hello". I copied her idea and made myself one, which I'd kept for about 20 years. Now, the box has become a whole card desk. I am obsessed.

Recently, I sent thank you notes to the guests of my Cinco de Mayo party. I wanted to keep the Mexican theme, and wanted the notes to be quality, hand printed cards. On etsy, I found Loitering Press, a shop based in Brooklyn. They had tons of cool cards, and when I saw that they had Mexican inspired thank you cards, and blank notes (la Virgen de Guadalupe), I knew I was in business.

La virgen de Guadalupe y gracias note cards by Loitering Press.
Now, there were other options that fit the bill, but these made the most sense for my party. I wanted to get a special card for W, since he is the man behind the magic, so I searched for a card that had the words "love" and "burrito". I found this card that reads "I love you more than a giant burrito", which is a hand printed Gocco card (listed here is the 3rd edition, but W got the second edition in red). Though the shipping cost was nearly as much as the card, as it was coming from the UK, it was well worth it.

I finished all the cards with a Celebrate stamp, because I believe that stamps make the outside of the envelope as beautiful as the inside, if you do it right. These are great for any party invitations or thank you notes.

I'd tried to get custom envelope seals in the colors of the Mexican flag from my favorite shop that sells them, K is for Calligraphy. Alas, I must have asked too late because I never did get the option for those seals. Note to self: plan ahead. To me, the envelope is as important as what's inside.

While I realize that there are networking sites like facebook with which you can send thank you notes, and there's email, texting, and more, I think it's worth hanging onto the idea of hand writing a note to share your sentiment. What's better than having a lovely note card displayed in your house as a constant reminder of thanks?

This will be my next purchase, just sent to me fresh from Mollie of La Familia Green, who is at the National Stationary Show in NYC this minute.

"Yes, I still send thank yous" from La Familia Green.
A message worth sending, and super cute, too.

Let's start a guerilla thank you writing campaign, and use these cards to send our message! It's a brand new style (I don't even see it listed on the site yet), so check my DGfiles facebook page and I will let you know the minute it's up for sale. I want them now! If you prefer, you can check their website, Either way, let's keep the love flowing, via the old-fashioned, USPS way. Who's with me?

I guess I'm just a fool for mail.


  1. awesome cards. i loved getting mine in the mail.

  2. I'm in. I might even make my own stamps. Those "I still send thank yous" are too good to pass up. I am going to go through my old address book and send them to friends as hello notes. Hello notes with a message, to send more thank you notes. Any idea when they will be for sale on the website?

  3. Where can I order the new cards on the bottom of the blog?

  4. love it!......DG is queen of doing "the right thang"....I need to get better. I am inspired