Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peace, Love, and Pizza

It's rare that I have a perfect moment. A moment where all is right in my world, where I am not worried about a thing, running to an appointment, or talking to someone/wondering what they are thinking/how they are doing. Usually, when I eat alone, it's not a perfect moment. I often feel content but am thinking about what's next on my to do list. My mind remains occupied.

I was leaving Domestic Goddess Land's away location, having just filled a bunch of Evergreen Swag for some pressing orders. I was wearing ripped jeans, a sweatshirt, wore no makeup, and had my hair up in a ponytail. I knew I wasn't seeing anyone, so I didn't have to impress with my appearance (whew, huge exhale). I was  s t a r v i n g, having not had breakfast and it being 1:45 p.m. I usually stop for an egg sandwich at the Fine Grind cafe, but today I really wanted pizza. I didn't feel like making the 20 minute ride home before eating, so I went to the pizzeria/restaurant next door to Fine Grind to grab a slice, figuring I would eat it as was driving to pick up my son from school.

I'm a very picky pizza eater. I am loyal (locally) to two pizzerias, and never expect much from pizzerias out of the area. I also love a good sauce, and finding that isn't easy. But I was starving...

I walked into La Piazza and immediately relaxed. It's got a very warm but open atmosphere, one that invites you in to sit down. It was definitely more of a restaurant than a pizzeria. Everything looked amazing. I mean, worth-a-30-minute-ride amazing. Still, looks can be deceiving. I wanted the Nonna slice, it's mostly sauce on a thin crust of Sicilian, with cheese. This is the newest slice around, and for the past few years, every time I try this type (sometimes called the Nana, or Grandma's Slice, depending on where I go), I regret it. I ordered the Nonna, and then a regular slice as back-up, just in case I didn't like it.

Well, I cannot say enough about this slice.

Regular slice (top) and Nonna slice (bottom). Both incredible!
I bit into this slice and fell in love. Oh, the sauce was perfect, not sweet, and the garlic was just right (not too heavy, but noticeable). The crust tasted like it had been rubbed with garlic infused oil, and was both crispy and thin. The cheese was perfect as well. I ate the whole Nonna slice and, though I wasn't hungry, also tried the regular slice. Unbelievable. It was so good that I ended up talking to both the pizza girl and the chef about the food. I'd never rave about a pizzeria unless it was incredible, mostly because I am so loyal to my local favorites. But this pizza is one that must be written about and tasted.

While I sat eating my pizza alone, in total silence, I felt completely at peace. I wish I could feel that relaxed all the time. Everything was perfect. Regardless of where you live, I suggest you take a ride to La Piazza. It's located on the offshoot of Route 23, just past Willowbrook Mall in Little Falls at 101 Newark Pompton Turnpike. Seriously, you need to take a trip here, just for the pizza. I haven't had anything else, but I can only imagine how amazing everything must be. Good for families, couples, friends, or alone like me. For more information call 973-256-0005. Click here to see the menu, or check them out on facebook!


  1. What are your favorite local pizzerias?

  2. Hi Lynn! In Boonton, Roma Pizzeria and Restaurant. In Denville, Denville Pizzeria. I never stray, unless I have absolutely no choice. This place, however, I would drive to. It's incredible.