Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Files Are Back

It's been a while since I've written. I've started my own company, and running that (a hands on company, because I literally make my own candles) along with the company Ward and I have together, plus the kids and family stuff (sports, parties, cleaning), has kept me very (happily) busy.

But I've missed you. I've missed writing, and getting your responses. I've missed writing about things that matter to me, however large or small. I hope that you will receive me with open arms.

Starting today, I will post a "Domestic Goddess Do of the Day" on my facebook page. It will be something to do, whether it be fun, supportive, important, or silly. Each day will change, so if you don't like one of the dos, just don't do it. Come back the next day and see if you like that one. I will be doing each do of the day, so it won't be anything tough or expensive, but it may involve drinking (so if you don't drink, modify it), baking, exercising, writing...

Now, every day will have a theme, but the Do won't have to do with it. So Sunday Funday is a day to have fun in some way, but the Do might be unrelated. So really, you have two things to play with doing each day. Get it? I will remind you what the day is, and also give you a DG Do of the Day. Double the fun!

Monday is Make or Mail Monday. This could be make up, make out, make something, money making Monday. It could be mail a letter, pay and mail a bill, mail a postcard, sort the mail, throw out old mail.

Tuesday is Top It Off Tuesday (or take your top off Tuesday, if you want to get down witcho lover!). Top It Off Tuesday is your day to make sure your gas tank is full by topping it off. The idea is to always have at least a half a tank of gas in your car (unless you drive a lot) and it pairs with Fill 'Er Up Friday... but that's getting ahead of myself.

Wednesday is Whittle Away Wednesday. This is the day to clean out your junk drawer, or get rid of a pile of papers that have been sitting on the table, bag up clothes that don't fit, etc. Whittle away at something that's been nagging at you, just once a week.

Thursday is Throw It Out Thursday. Go around your space (room, apartment, house) with a small garbage bag, and throw away everything you can't find a home for, no longer want, or meant to trash but didn't. If it's something that someone else can use, you can put it in a separate bag for Goodwill, but PROMISE yourself that you will take it to Goodwill within the week. Otherwise, it will end up in a pile that will be (eventually) dealt with on an upcoming Whittle Away Wednesday.

Friday is Fill 'Er Up Friday, Fresh Flower Friday, and Fat Kid Friday. Fill up your gas tank, get yourself (or someone else) flowers, and eat something that is NOT part of your eating plan. It's all about indulging! For your gas, pay by cash to save money (most gas stations charge more when you pay by credit). What about Fat Kid Friday? Fat Kid Friday started and is celebrated weekly on Wake Up with Taylor!, the fabulous radio how on Sirius XM 109 (satellite radio). It's on every morning from 7 - 11 a.m. (I bought Sirius just to listen to Wake Up!) This means that on Friday you get to eat something you've been dying to eat all week: a donut, pizza, a chocolate shake. Go all out!  Expect that I will give you a food indulgence suggestion each Friday.

Saturday is Settle In, Settle Down Saturday. Settle in, settle down, just means to let the worries of the week fall to the wayside and relax.

Which brings me back to Sunday Funday. Have fun, whatever you do! PERIOD!

Download and print to remember the daily do standards, posted below!

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