Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Woman Crush Wednesday, Pam Saldutti

I'm kind of obsessed with smelling good. Having been raised by a perfumer, scent has always been a big thing for me. For me, a good scent has to be based in essential oils, strong but smooth, and cannot overwhelm.

When I first got to try a soap from P.S. I Love Soap Co., owned by soap maker Pam Saldutti (thus the P.S.), I really, really liked it. Enough to try another one, and I was super loyal to another soap company, so this was a big deal for me. I loved that soap, too. Then I got one that had a loofah built in. Incredible! It was hogged by others and, eventually, snapped up, so I had to buy more.

It's been over a year since I found her soaps, and now this is the only soap I use (my family is obsessed with her soaps). In fact, I was gifted some store bought-factory made soap, and not only did I not use it, but I didn't want to regift it either. It just doesn't feel right to give someone mass produced soap when I know how good handmade soap is.

Saldutti, a resident of Boonton, makes her soaps right in her home. They are artisanal. She also makes body scrubs (I am addicted to her Love Scrub -- I use it every single day and my skin is so soft now). She just began making liquid soaps, which I am excited to try (but haven't yet).

Recently, I bought Pumpkin Crunch and just about fell over. I messaged Pam to reserve her remaining stock. My plan was to share them with family for Thanksgiving but since she only had a few bars left, I am hoarding them all.

This Pumpkin Crunch is the best soap I've ever smelled.
I have a list of soaps that I want, including one that is wrapped in boiled wool so it's essentially soap and a wash cloth in one.  I also ordered some Christmas gifts (can't share what they are for fear that a recipient will read this and the surprise will be spoiled).

These soaps are so fabulous; do yourself a favor and try at least one. Check Pam out on her facebook page for upcoming events, sales, and more. She sells on etsy, but you can also pick through a huge selection of photos on her facebook page. Plus, her status updates are a pile of fun!


  1. O' my I LOVE IT thanks so much :)

  2. I love her soaps!