Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve aka: His Name Around My Neck

I have few guilty pleasures. One of them, however, is watching the Real Housewives of New York. While there is nothing real about that lifestyle to me -- I mean, my life consists of carting kids around, cooking, vacuuming, watering plants, and visiting the grocery store -- it's a wildly grand escape. I'm not a Housewives series fan, but the New York version is just impossible for me not to watch. To begin with, I find the childish antics of the blondes (Ramona, SonJA!, and Alex) to be hilarious. I mean, are they for real? They really show the very worst sides of themselves. I watch as they get random plumping and freezing at the dermotologist's office which both horrifies and captivates me (the only thing worse than Botox, to me, is plastic surgery). They throw hissy fits and start fights, and piss on people like they own the damn city. I'd never want to be in their actual presence, but watching them make fools of themselves sure makes for a good laugh.

The non-blondes, though, I do like.

Three non-blondes: Jill, Luann, and Kelly

I love that Kelly Killoren Bensimon. She's gorgeous, hilarious, and always dresses perfectly. Um, as a house(ex)wife, I can say that I rarely pull myself together, and never that well. It's aspirational. There is Jill Zarin, who I just want to hug, hug, hug and applaud for being honest and outspoken, and just so lovable. And there's the Countess. "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Countess speaking... we have arrived." Oh, gorgeous and well-spoken, and I must say that a certain someone who shall remain nameless has one hell of a crush on her. I refuse to share his name, or his secret will be out, and I promised never to out him.


A couple of months ago, I saw these insane nameplate necklaces on all of the models in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. I tracked down the shop that makes them, Caja Jewelry, and had one made for myself. Mine has both my name and W's. I have it so that his name's on top of mine.

My nameplate by Caja Jewelry. I wear it most days, and only take it off when I am going in the water.
Can you say awesome?

I recently went to the Caja Jewelry facebook page and saw that they are making bracelets (cuffs) with the names carved out, to match the necklace. I wanted to get one for myself. I couldn't find purchasing information, so I kept scrolling through the photos trying to find a link or a price and fell upon this...

Caja Jewelry made this cuff, "The Countess". Could it be for Luann  de Lesseps? I pulled this photo
off of the Caja Jewelry facebook page. Can't wait to shop for it online.

Omigod. The Countess. As in Luann? It must be. Luann, if you are reading this, you MUST purchase this cuff. It was made for you! At least I think it was... On second though, maybe I will get it for myself. And if not, perhaps they will make me a Domestic Goddess version. I will keep you posted.

Shop for your own personalized creation either at their etsy shop or online at

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