Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Made For Me Flea Market Find

Okay, so maybe this flea market find wasn't actually made for me. It's even likely that it was made before I was born.

I was going to garage sales and one special flea market last month with Em, when I came upon this... this thing. It was yellow, the color that I use as an accent in my kitchen and dining room, and it had tons of drawers.

"How much?" I ask the man sitting behind the table. He looked at me and quacked, "Whaah?" Clearly he couldn't hear me. I asked louder and gestured to the fact that I couldn't find a price. He said something to the effect of hang on, and got his wife for me.

"Twenty bucks!" she yelled. "I love this thing. Holds everything. You put your tea in here, coffee here, cookies up top..." and while she was showing me the drawers, I said, "I don't think I will be putting cookies in there", to which she responded, "Well, it could be a great place to store your weed!"

I don't smoke weed, but it was pretty funny. She must have been in her 70s and I just don't think of 70 year old flea market sellers smoking weed. Still, the story was too good not to tell.

The drawers are very worn, so I lined them with paper and use them to store sealed tea bags, vitamin bottles, and essential oil hand wipes. I took it home, put it exactly where I wanted it to go, and it fits perfectly. Looks great with my new counter tops, too.

It's been in my kitchen about a month now, and every time I see it or use it, I smile.

Flea market find stores tons and looks amazing. The Ehlers coffee tin
is from Between Friends, a secondhand store in Denville, and stores my coffee. The coffee scoop
is from Riverwood Trading Co. on etsy. The cute frog (piggy) bank was a gift for
my son from his friend, Annie B. in kindergarten. I have loved it ever since.
I love that the Ehlers coffee tin originally held coffee and continues to serve the same function all these years later. I wanted a pretty coffee scoop, since it sits on top of the tin and is visible all day long. I searched until I found a beautiful hand-carved scoop made from cherry wood. It's done by an artisan in Pennsylvania, and he runs a shop called Riverwood Trading Co. I just checked the listing for the link, and it's price is reduced to $10. It's really beautiful. I suggest that you get yourself one.

There's one other thing that I want to show you. Well, two. A pig, it's a vintage pitcher, that I picked up at a store nearby called Maison Decor this past spring. I don't use him; I keep him out as joyful decoration. And to the right is an ice crusher that my sister-in-law Colleen got me from her friend's store for my birthday. I love it, and it works!

Piggie pitcher and ice crusher. Love.

Heading to Savannah Hope Vintage soon to visit ADeM and check out some of her new stuff. Getting the pendant light that I got there rewired and hung soon, so expect to hear about that...


  1. Too funny! What a wonderful find! There's nothing like the feeling you get when you find a great piece like this for such a great price.:)

  2. I know! It was amazing. The minute I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for storing everything, and in that exact spot in my kitchen, all chippy and yellow and lovely. I prayed that it would fit, and thankfully it did. It brightens my morning every single day.