Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene vs. Christmas Card Preparation

While most of us on the East Coast are busy stockpiling water and flashlights, some choose to focus their time on positive productivity. Instead of thinking about the impending approach of Hurricane Irene, my friend KT is thinking ahead to holiday cards. Ah, she isn't alone (and it's another reason to love her). She mentioned to me that she ordered her holiday stamps, and I decided to copy her.

When I looked on the USPS website, I only saw last year's stamps. Hmmm... would I use last year's stamps again?

I did a little research, and the new 2011 stamps first day of issue is October 13th. There is the Holiday Baubles stamps and the Madonna of the Candelabra.

2011 Holiday Baubles stamps

The thing is, our family Christmas cards this year are very woodsy. We took our holiday photo at the Grand Cascades Lodge, a giant woodland resort nestled in the woods in Sussex County. The design of the cards embrace that feeling. I've even ordered holly stickers to seal my cards closed.

Available at Nolan3863 on etsy 
It makes sense, then, that I would use the pine cone stamps from last year on my cards. They match perfectly! So I am sticking with the 2010 stamps, and I am very excited about it.

We are literally sending out half as many cards as we did last year. We've decided only to send to friends and family who we know will be excited to get the cards and appreciate them. I keep all that people send me in a Christmas card scrapbook. It sits out all year for people to see. I love noticing how people have changed through the years.

And with this, here's a final reminder. If you want to have hand-knit stockings for your family from Nana's Knits, like the ones I had made last year, order now. Here's the blog post about our stockings.

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