Friday, August 5, 2011

Salty Chocolate!

I am not a chocolate fan, per se. Give me a bag of Doritos, or a steak, a salt pretzel, anything savory or salty makes me happy.

However, while I was out hanging posters for the Saltwater & Sand opening reception, I stopped into my new local favorite, A Dash of Thyme. While there, I picked up more of those goat's milk caramels, except this time, I got vanilla caramel as opposed to chocolate. I think I prefer the vanilla, though I've only had one so far. The jury is still out, and a side by side taste test is in order. I also got a gourmet candy bar by B.T. McElrath that has toffee and sea salt in it.  (Got some "OMG chipotle sauce", as well, but won't wax poetic about it since this story is about sweet meeting savory.)

Another package of Happy Goat handmade caramels (how could I not?)
and the B.T. McElrath candy bar that will steal your heart. Both from A Dash of Thyme.
So basically, it's the best of both worlds. Goat's milk and caramel in one. Chocolate and sea salt in the other. I mean, really. Half of the B.T. McElrath bar is already gone and I seriously suggest you try one for yourself. There is just enough toffee and sea salt in it to keep you hanging on, wanting to break off just one more square. The bar has a gourmet price, and I assure you, it's worth every penny.

I am so obsessed with food; I even read about it. I am currently reading Blood, Bones, and Butter, which is the story of how a chef came to be, starting by working out of necessity (bussing tables) at the age of 13. Reading only fuels my desire to cook, and it deepens my appreciation for quality ingredients and foods.

Notice our Providence Biltmore check out slip as my bookmark.
I love using stuff to mark my pages. No formal bookmark needed.

Tonight, I met W for a bite to eat at our favorite local pub, The Second Half. I met him at the bar and there I sat, spilling out a day's worth of stories to him, while drinking a Corona Light from the bottle and eating my usual meal, two grilled chicken breasts over rice. Sitting at the bar with him, with our friends (who also happened to be there) in close proximity, I felt my body relax. It's amazing how food and good company can completely transform me into a peaceful state.

Send me your favorite food item, recipe, or shop. I am always looking for new places to try, and new edibles.

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