Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Away to Rhode Island, and A Cool Vintage Find

Every year my cousin, Ginny, and her husband, Bob, are kind enough to let W and I stay in their beach house in Point Judith, Rhode Island. It's a place that has been in her family for years, and my grandparents had visited it while they were alive. My mother visited as a child. It's got a lot of history and being there makes me feel like home. It's also become W and my summer trip, just the two of us. It's something that I look forward to all year long. (I love you, W.)

Over the years, W and I have started our own Rhode Island traditions. We stop on the way in to the local package shop, Schwabby's, to get some 'Gansetts (Narragansett beer) for our stay. We have daily breakfast at a place called Crazy Burger, our favorite food spot on the island. And somehow, every time we go for dinner at Turtle Soup, the wait is too long and so we eat at the bar. 

My egg white, spinach, goat cheese, and
serrano pepper omelet, with home fries, from Crazy Burger.

This year, our trip fell during the weekend of the Blessing of the Fleet and the 10 mile race that began the night before. Roads were closed, the town was packed, and there was a carnival at the nearby Towers. We worked our way from Point Judith up through Jamestown (oh, lovely!) and then onto Bristol, where W went to college. The town was amazing. We visited W's school, and I got to see the rooms where he spent most of his time hard at work. We even passed the house that he'd lived in. It was an honor to re-experience his college years with him all these years later.

As we drove through town, I noticed a cute vintage shop, and I had to stop in. My hope was that I would find something amazing to take home, from which I would remember the trip. The shop, Robin Jenkins Antiques, was adorable, and since it was in Bristol, it had tons of beach type things. I bought an old wooden box that says "Father John" which is perfect, since my son's name is John. I also found this banner type flag with a killer whale on it. I loved it, and I knew that if I didn't get it right then, I'd always wish I had. It matches my red Savannah Hope Vintage table so well.

The flag, hand made, with the killer whale on both sides.

Check out the detail on the whale.

The flag is stamped, "Ebenezer Flagg. Made by hand. Newport, R.I."
Our trip ended in Providence, and we got to experience Waterfire. It was very serene and beautiful, and it was a wonderful way to finish our trip. If you've never been to Rhode Island, you need to go for a visit, and if you have, well, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.


  1. Cool flag! I want it!

  2. What a great, descriptive blog! It makes me want to go. geh, geh, geh

  3. I love the flag. So glad I got it. And to geh, geh, geh, I know who you are!