Friday, August 12, 2011

Lovin' Landscaping

I've been itching to garden. It's odd, because I've been planting all summer so you'd think I'd be tired by now. I ripped out most of my immediate front yard landscape and replaced it with evergreens and bushes. In my backyard, I planted a bunch of ferns (though the spores are wonderfully increasing my fern garden on their own), Montauk Daisies, and Black Eyed Susans that I got in Rhode Island last month. I also planted Bee Balm, picked up at the Mountain Lakes plant sale this spring, and a few pink hydrangea.

I have a few more daisies to plant, but I am basically out of space here. Since I kinda have two homes, I get to do double the gardening. Such a treat. I began with a small garden in a spot in W's backyard, which is part shade. I planted a bunch of hostas, ivy, a hydrangea, and some small ground cover that has the most beautiful red blooms. Then, I filled the window box on the shed with coleus and hanging vines. I love it. Every time I look out the kitchen window, I see the garden. It makes me so happy, every single time I see it. Next, I started adding plants here and there around the front of his house (deer had done quiet a job on the plants that were there, so there was some room for new plants), begging him to let me plant a few things at a time, and was thrilled that he actually liked what I did. Thank you, honey.

And now, he is letting me run with it. Thank you again, honey.

I started with the Juniper shrubs, that will grow up to about 4' each. They are currently so small, though, that I needed something more. I wanted something that could tolerate a lot of sun, were fairly drought tolerant, and would blend well with the juniper. First, I got a some lavender - the colors are perfect and it smells so nice. Then, I got some ornamental grasses, some hardy English Ivy, and tickweed for it's beautiful, endless yellow blooms.

Not the best photo (damn Blackberry camera) but oh, how I love this landscape.

I am so happy. This planting, done this afternoon while the kids were playing, made my whole day. I feel so accomplished, and am so happy that W likes the way it turned out. I am going to continue around the front of the yard, and I've never been more excited.


  1. Looks Fabulous DG!It's so nice to hear your happiness about planting! I am so in love with Hydrangea and me you can't have enough of both. In my last life I had two rose gardens a vegetable garden and what I called my crazy English garden. I had this amazing bee balm (minarda) that grew like crazy.I am happy/sad just thinking about it all. People would walk by and ask to see my flowers and usually leave with a pot of something I dug up. I look forward to this for you! One day ask me the crazy story about the Hydrangea Tree I tried to take with me here.... funny (well now at least)

  2. I have bee balm. I looooove it!

    You mentioned something about the hydrangea tree; you never told me the story! I want to hear it before you go away.

    When I was first pregnant with my son, I got my per. I had tested positive for pregnancy but then got it, and thought I lost the baby. I was a wreck, and got a rose bush and planted it. I don't know why, but I thought that planting the rose bush meant something. Turns out, I was still very pregnant, and 11 years later, the rose bush is still blooming at his dad's house.

    When my grandmother Rose died six years ago, my sister-in-law Colleen gave me a rose bush. It's still doing well, and bloomed it's first flowers during the anniversary week of her death. I have a hard time with roses, but the ones that I have that mark something, have managed to thrive. I could definitely use your advice, though.

    And of course, I literally imagine you giving away pots of stuff from your garden. It's so YOU!