Thursday, August 18, 2011

In the Mess, I Am Loving How To Live

Since returning home from Long Beach Island (aka: Hamptons 2.0) on Tuesday night, I haven't done much in the way of cleaning. I haven't unpacked or washed any clothes (and yes, it's Thursday), though I did run the dishwasher. Instead of unpacking, I chose to go back to the gym, for the first time in God knows how many months, on Tuesday night and do a little grocery shopping. Yesterday, between appointments and some time spent away from home, I emptied the souvenir bags from our trip.

I always get an ornament, every time I go away, with which to remember the trip. I usually add the year with paint marker, if one isn't already on there. I picked this idea up from my ex-husband's cousin's ex-wife Tracy, when (on a trip to Hilton Head) she told me that she did this. It was about 15 years ago, before any of us were married, or divorced. I carefully unpacked the new ornaments and put them away for safe keeping until Christmas. Next, I looked into a bag that held contents from my favorite LBI shop in Beach Haven called, How To Live.

How To Live is the store for all things beach decor. Oh, they had this great giant upright sign reading "LOBSTER" that I would have loved for my kitchen but it was about 5' high and I just couldn't imagine getting it home in the car, packed with three kids, all the luggage, W's camera equipment and fishing pole. I did get a couple of Alex and Ani bracelets, the kids got some sea glass, and as I was browsing I saw this shark. He was sitting near the register holding something (I cannot remember what) in his mouth. He is perfect for my house for many reasons. First, I love sharks. Second, the house has lots of marine types of decor. A whale hanging from my ceiling, a mermaid in the family room. Photos of the water, taken by Ward Vogt. He just took a great one, of the beach (it's amazing), that he is making into LBI note cards, and that will also be featured in the photography show, Saltwater & Sand at The Gallery at River's Edge next weekend. The cards, and some smaller prints, will be on sale in select stores in LBI for Chowderfest and the holiday season (I will blog about them, along with the stores, in mid-September). The image is not on his facebook page or website yet. He is saving it for preview at the opening.

My shark, from How To Live in Beach Haven. He perfectly matches my granite and my decor.
Side view. Awesome.

While I was there, I also got this hanging wire basket.  I think that I will put a candle in it, but I am not sure. Maybe shells would be a better idea. Do you have any suggestions?

For candles? Shells? You tell me.
Last year, I found this store while waiting on a long line to get into Uncle Willie's Pancake House for breakfast. It's just a few doors down, and the exterior of the shop as inviting as what they have inside. Not only do they have beach decor, and wooden painted signs that have cute beachy sayings painted on them, but they have vintage items (my favorite). Last year, I got vintage corn shaped salt and pepper shakers (I collect them) and a vintage glass orange juice carafe. They have the cutest things.

If you are in LBI, check out How To Live. It's at 7 South Bay Avenue in Beach Haven.

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