Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fresh Flower Thursday! (go buy yourself some flowers)

In the book, Happiness for Two by Alexandra Stoddard,  Stoddard talks about how to keep joy in your life, and in your relationships. Now, whether you are in a relationship or single, this chapter on flowers applies to you. It is Chapter 42: Bring Flowers Home. I've always been a fresh cut flower lover in three of four seasons (it's rare that I have them in summer). She even gave a talk at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show entitled, "Stress Reduction Through Flowers."

In my town (Mountain Lakes), we have a newly opened, independently operated store called Simplify Marketplace. They have Fresh Flower Thursday every Thursday. Their resident florist goes and picks flowers the night before and makes beautiful arrangements to sell each week. I love this idea. It's right before the weekend, and the flowers that I got last week are still looking lovely today.

Stoddard says, "When we love flowers, we can't afford not to bring them home. Flowers in our home greatly increase our happiness for two. You can buy one bunch and divide it into smaller vases to put in several rooms... or you can buy a single flower to put in a tall glass where you're likely to see it often. (my italics, DG)

Several recent studies prove the positive benefits of fresh flowers in the home... (recipients of fresh flowers) mood was elevated."

I truly believe this, and have kept fresh flowers in my house since my divorce. I have tons of plants including a beautiful, blooming orchid in the kitchen, a gift from Ward. I keep my bouquet on my Miami blue vintage table that I bought from Savannah Hope Vintage last year. When you walk into the house, or anywhere within the family room, you see them. You see them when you head to the bathroom. It's a perfect spot for them.

If you live locally, head to Simplify Marketplace (in the building attached to the Mountain Lakes market, near the parking lot) to get your fresh flowers! If you don't live in the area, still make today your fresh flower Thursday. If you can, support a florist or independently operated shop that sells them.

You deserve it!

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