Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shopping to Benefit Sergio & Co.

In the news, we are constantly hearing about the worst things. We hear about stealing and killing, wars, abuse, and all of the atrocities that exist in the world. Most recently, we are hearing about how Hurricane Irene has caused horrible flooding, power outages, and losses of both homes and businesses. It's rare, though, that we hear about the good things that people do. No wonder I rarely watch the news. It depresses me.

There are so many good people out there. Since I started the Save Sergio & Co. fund and facebook page, just a few days ago, there are over 1,000 fans of the page. All are writing how much they love Sergio & Co., the employees, the food, and, of course, Sergio, expressing that they want to help in any way that they can. This shows me that there is so much goodness in this world.

The economy is tough for everyone, and giving $100 to the fund may not be an option for some. You may, however, want to do some early holiday shopping, or buy birthday gifts, so if you need to buy things anyway, why not see if you can find something that benefits Sergio & Co.

My boyfriend, Ward Vogt, mentioned that he wanted to help right away, so he decided to sell a photo he'd taken of Sergio & Co. last autumn in limited edition. He's selling 20 limited edition (signed and numbered) 8 x 10 prints at an affordable price of $40. He's giving 100% of all sales to the Save Sergio & Co. fund. When people started buying, I got so excited. People want to help, and want to have a vision of the beautiful storefront of Sergio & Co. in their homes. You can see, and buy, the image by clicking here (until it sells out).

Following this fundraiser, Heather Rocco offered to do a fundraiser through her Stella & Dot business. She created an online trunk show so that anyone who wanted to could buy Stella & Dot, and she is giving all of her profit (which is 25% of the sale) to the Save Sergio & Co. fund (you must put the name of the trunk show for Sergio & Co. to get the profits: First Name: Sergio, Last Name: Company). Now, I have no room for bracelets; my wrists are covered already. One arm has my Tiffany & Co. bracelet with heart charms engraved with the kids names, and W's, along with two Alex and Ani bracelets that I bought at How To Live in LBI. My other wrist has what I call my Wonder Woman cuff; it's by Caja Jewelry and has the title "Domestic Goddess" hand-cut into the gold vermeil with a jewelry saw. I always have room for a necklace, and since my mom's birthday is in a few weeks, I thought I'd get her something, too. If I am going to buy anything this year, it's either going to benefit the town or be bought from an independently owned shop.

I got myself the Awakening Charm necklace.

And for my mother, the Layla Stretch bracelet.
Now, Keys To Learning, a store that sells educational tools to both parents and teachers, recently offered to donate "profits" of all purchases that write "Save Sergio" in the comments section of their orders placed through September 24th to the Save Sergio & Co. fund.

I want to personally thank all of these people for creating their own fundraisers to help Sergio. Please take a moment to check out their websites and see if there is something you might like.

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