Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dazzling Jewelry, A Jersey Girl, and Denville

I was born and raised on Long Island, and moved to New Jersey when I was ten years old (the same age that my son is right now). And while they say that you can take the girl out of New York but you can't take New York out of the girl, I tend to disagree. I'm a total Jersey girl. 

I love this state, with all it's beauty and changing seasons. I love the New Jersey attitude, and that when I am out of state, somehow, everybody knows I'm from Jersey. There is so much to love about this state, and now I've just found one more reason to be proud.

Dazzle Candy.

After the tremendous damage that had been done to Denville (my neighboring town), I got heavily involved in fundraising. I started a Denville of the Day post on facebook, asking everyone to visit a particular store that was reopening, or one that could just use a few more customers. In the process, I've met some really amazing people. I wanted to do one more fundraiser, something that I knew people would enjoy, and that would bring people into the center of town.

I'd had some ideas, and some of those almost turned into events. I wanted to do something, but not just anything. It had to be cool, and different. And that's when I found Dazzle Candy. I was on facebook and saw that someone I knew liked the page, so I checked it out. I wasn't sure what Dazzle Candy was. It's  a line of jewelry started by a young woman from Wayne. Wayne! I spent years in and around Wayne, and was so excited to see that someone from Wayne had started a business like this.

Now, before I go any further, I must say that I la-la-love Buddhas. BUDDHAS WERE ALL OVER HER BRACELETS! Score! I kept scrolling through the photos and saw that many of her pieces were worn by women from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. It's one of my favorite shows. I looked on her page and saw that she was scheduled to do an upcoming girls night out shopping event (and on the same day that we are doing our holiday boutique!), so I thought I'd see if she'd be willing to do a trunk show for us. 

The answer is yes!

I haven't been this excited about jewelry in a while. I love beads, Buddhas, and bangles, all of which she has. (And if you watch RHONJ, you will see poor Caroline Manzo sitting at the table in Punta Cana with a migraine, and gorgeous Dazzle Candy bangles on her wrist. For more on which RHONJ girls wore which Dazzle Candy pieces, click here).  Dazzle Candy is high end costume jewelry that you will love so much, I swear, and that will have your friends asking, "OMG! Where did you get that?"

Dazzle Candy bangles (photo from Dazzle Candy facebook page)
I love this. It's the custom big Buddha bracelet. (Photo from the Dazzle Candy facebook page)

Your answer will be, "Oh, at the Dazzle Candy Trunk show that was held in Denville." The trunk show, oh, I can barely stand the excitement, will be held at a space that I often rent for events, the Gallery at River's Edge in Denville. I will be providing wine (bought locally at Denville Liquors) and cheese, and Beth Moran of Sweet Stuff by Beth (sold at Simplify Market) has generously offered to donate some yummy confections! In addition, Trish of Serene Serene (the fab salon on West Main in Denville) will be showing the Fall 2011 line from Mirage Cosmetics, and will help shoppers find their best colors of lipsticks and eyeshadow for fall. If you like what she does for you, good news! She will have make up at the event for sale, so you don't have to go home and try to figure out how to match what she did.

We will also have a great door prize, filled with product both bought and donated from shops in and around town. Shop this event with cash or checks only, please.

We are asking people to RSVP for this event, since we expect a large crowd, and are asking $10 per person as a donation to Denville's Hurricane Irene fund. Those who wish to attend can mail a check written directly to the "Denville PAL Hurricane Relief Fund" to Tiffany Palisi, PO Box 243, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046. Your check will get your name on the guest list for this event. You can also give us a check that night, unless we have a full house.

Check out all that Dazzle Candy has to offer, including her latest custom bracelets from the "My Loves" collection, at

For more information on this event, contact me directly at Looking forward to seeing you all there, shopping Dazzle Candy's jewelry and t-shirts, and having a nice glass of wine with you. 


  1. I am so there. Sending you a check, bringing my sisters..

  2. Great jewelry. I just wrote a check and will send it over. Emailed you privately to give you my name and get on the list.