Saturday, September 3, 2011

Generosity Is Selfish (a great day in Denville - Sergio's, Denville Nails)

It's been a harrowing week, to say the least. I wasn't able to get things done that I needed to get done. The bulletin board at school is not complete, due in part to the school's power loss, and partly because my art opening was bumped back a week and I had to prepare from it (it was last night), which stole a lot of my time away from the board. The opening was well-attended, which surprised me, given all that's happened this week. My acupuncturist, Susannah Pitman, even came. I was so honored.

At the opening reception of Saltwater & Sand, four of the photographers from the show with me.
L to R: Laura Hall, Karen Thomas, Ward Vogt, me!, and Michal Barkai 

I've done a few other things this week, too. I've been trying to raise money for Sergio & Co. through the fund I've created, Save Sergio & Co. and I am hoping when I present him with a check in November, that it's a huge one. I've also started posting what I am calling my Denville of the Day. Each day, I will post something that my friends can do to support the businesses that are open, so that the town remains alive. With such devastation, those businesses that remain need the foot traffic that existed before Irene. As elephant journal posted today (along with a video of Sarah Hoye), "generosity is selfish -- it makes us stronger, happier, more beautiful in and out."

Demolition began today, and people stood outside reading the notes on the windows.
Some were in tears, and one looked in and sighed, "No."
Keep posting your notes, please.

Today's Denville of the Day was to go to Denville Nails on Broadway for a mani/pedi. While I was there, I saw my friend Joi walk in. I was so excited to see her. She said she read my post, looked down at her nails, and decided that she would take my suggestion and go get a mani/pedi. How ironic that she went while I was there. It was such a treat! We got to sit and talk for an hour, while supporting a wonderful business in downtown Denville. While we were talking about how much we love Sergio & Co. and want him to reopen soon, she mentioned to me that she has one jar of Sergio's sauce in the freezer, that she is saving for a special occasion. That's like gold!

Another old friend of mine, Judy, walked in for a manicure. It was so nice seeing both of my friends there, without having planned it. We all spent time talking about Denville, family and Sergio's, and getting a good workout in, and it was lovely. I am going to be posting my Denville of the Day on my Domestic Goddess Files facebook page as well as my personal page, too, so please follow me there to see my community support (FUN!) suggestions.

After getting back from my very relaxing mani/pedi, I got home to six kids playing. I felt so lucky. There was W, our kids, and their three friends. We are all healthy, we have a home. Power. Things that we took for granted just last week are now noted blessings.

Thankful that I have a kitchen, water, and power, I felt extra privileged to cook (I always love to cook). I took 2 1/2 lbs. of ground beef and made meatballs (panko breadcrumbs, Pecorino Romano cheese, five eggs, some milk, garlic, fresh parsley), first rolling the mixture into balls, then flash frying them before baking them in my sauce. While I was making my marinara, I thought of how it reminded me of autumn, a time to cozy up and feel the wind through the window screens. I also thought of how much I miss taking my son for ziti with marinara at Sergio's.

When we sat down to dinner (which I love, sitting at our reclaimed hardwood, handmade table -- all phones and iPods banned from the table at mealtime), Em asked, "Are these Sergio's meatballs?" It's such a habit for us to get Sergio's meatballs on the weekend. "Nope, they're mine," I responded, "but hopefully we can get some Sergio's meatballs soon."

Life is such a blessing, and we need to realize that and take care of one another, especially in hard times. Take the rest of this weekend to slow down, eat simple foods, and enjoy being with your loved ones.


  1. inspiring! I will be heading over to Denville Nails (a little late but I just read this post now) and get a pedicure. I am in desperate need. my hands as you know, are covered in paint on most days from refinishing furniture. Perhaps Savannah will join me.