Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Karen (a letter to the sender of my first Christmas card this season),

Dear K.T., 

You beat me to the punch. Since I've met you, I've felt a kinship with you. We both love artists. We write letters, stamp, and mail them. We both go junking, or shall I say, antiquing, or better yet, we vintage shop. You make your own photo cards on shutterfly, as do I. You put your Christmas tree up in mid-November - I've put up my lights, though not the tree; and get Halloween up (usually) on September 19th. Aren't we just the cutest holiday early birds!

And now this? 

I didn't think it could be done. A Christmas card, mailed via the United State Postal Service with this year's holiday stamp on it -- the very one I plan on using (and the only proper way to mail holiday cards, in my book), and received on November 15th? K.T., you've won my heart.

Fear not, I did read the fabulous note inside explaining that it's a joke, and that this is an old card from 2006. That makes it even better. Not only did you get my humor, and agree with it, but you went and hunted down a card, took the time to get it all together in the most wonderful of ways, and actually mailed it to me. (And heavens, you sure are organized.) In my eyes, getting the card with the rest of the batch being sent out is always exciting, but getting one randomly, just me, in the middle of November just for a laugh? Well, my dear, that is just classic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making an otherwise humdrum Monday so ridiculously special.

KT... you rock!


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