Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mo' Bettah Chili? The Wendy B. Chili Experiment

Yesterday I got a message from a friend, Wendy B., who had a question about my chili recipe. She'd started to make it, but it looked too dry, so she wondered if she was supposed to add two 24 oz. boxes/cans of tomatoes instead of one. By the time I got back to her (three hours later) to tell her it was just one, she'd already gone on to add the second box. I had a feeling it would be great, as I've had fabulous meatless chili which is loaded with veggies (made by my ex-husband's wife, Melissa) and asked her to please let me know how it went so that I could share the results with you.


She liked it so much that she said she would add the extra tomatoes again, saying she likes her chili "a bit soupy." She also used ground turkey instead of ground beef. This weekend, my boyfriend requested that I make chili again. A batch for him, and a batch for his neighbors. Wendy B., you've inspired me to try this version. I am very, very excited!

Thus, I am calling this version of chili the Wendy B. Chili. Very exciting stuff. Wendy, thanks for sharing! For those of you who want to try Wendy's version but don't have the original recipe, you can grab it by clicking here: Tiffany's Favorite Slow-Cooker Chili. She omitted the jalapenos, so that her kids would enjoy eating it, and used her favorite hot sauce (and mine, go figure), Cholula, to spice her serving up!

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