Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ward's Blog

Okay, ladies. Here it is. W seems to think that blogging is for the birds. He makes fun of nearly every word I type, and so, while I was making dinner last night, he decided to hijack my blog and write from what he thinks is my perspective. It's was not your normal Domestic Goddess Files type of post. And frankly, though he painted himself as a complete jerk, he's actually quite wonderful.

He thinks it's funny that I call him my "long term boyfriend", so he referred to himself as such, and hates when I write his name in my blog (like no one knows who he is.. bleh), so he called himself Mort. He can't spell last night's main entree "empinada" (he writes "empinotta"), and for all intents and purposes, he spilled his beer all over himself last night and wrote about that, too. He wrote that my hand resting on his belly annoys him to no end.

He wrote more.

He wrote about how he knows every line to every movie (true) but that he cannot remember that we have dinner plans on Friday (also true). And after I read the blog entry, he asked me once, twice, three times to delete the blog. I thought that maybe if I wrote a preface, he'd change his mind. But he didn't. And so, to my sincere disappointment, we erased his blog.

Sorry ladies. I really, really tried to get his permission to publish it. Now, I'm going to join him on the couch, attempt to curl up with him, which will annoy him profusely, and then talk through the movie until he pauses it, rolls his eyes, and rewinds. 

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