Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Nude (FREE)

This weekend, I found a few hours to do the things that needed to be done here around the house. Laundry, vacuuming, recycling, and general cleaning. Before I got started, though, I made a stop at one of my favorite stores, Another Man's Treasures in Boonton, NJ. I go there as often as possible, just to look, but usually I end up walking out with a bunch of really cool stuff. The prices are fabulous, and they have loads of fun things like old postcards, jewelry, home decor, and more. The walls are covered with loads of art, priced to sell (including an Adirondack type painting for which I am trying to find wall space). I've gotten cocktail glasses, a vintage beaded purse, and lots of small pieces of furniture. It's a great place to get one-of-a-kind gifts for people; cool, vintage finds.

Mike Anest, the owner, who is well-known as "Mike the Junk Man" also has a warehouse across the street, so if you are looking for something in particular that might not be in the store, he can usually locate it for you.

Wandering in, I noticed a great piano bench that was the perfect size for a spot at the foot of my bed. $10. Can't beat it. I proceeded inside and looked around. Mike and his wife were working in the store that day. We all talked, catching up on the things that have gone on in our lives since we'd last seen each other. I found a bunch of Christmas gifts (can't list them here, since some of the gift recipients are readers) and this really amazing watercolor (the nude, below).

Untitled and unsigned. Too beautiful.

I am guessing it's 8" x 8". It was in loosely wrapped in plastic, and the plastic was held closed with masking tape. It was done on thick paper, and unevenly cut. On the back of the  paper was another watercolor painting (a landscape).  It wasn't framed. Mike threw it in for me, literally, for free. 

I left with two pieces of furniture -- the piano bench and a big wooden box with markings that indicate that it used to hold bombs at Picatinny Arsenal back in the 40s. I am using it in my office to store recycling, gifts, and boxes of photos. It's about 5' long and about 24" high.  In addition, I got a few gifts, and eyeballed a few more things (just waiting to find out who I get in this year's secret Santa) and while I love everything that I bought, this nude is my favorite. It's so graceful, and the way that her hair is painted up in a chignon, I'm almost waiting for it to fall down her back. Lovely.

Another Man's Treasures is located on Myrtle Avenue in Historic Boonton, NJ (973) 299-0883.


  1. Yay! Love that you support LOCAL as I do!

  2. always. as often as possible. and if i can't find something locally, i at least try and buy it on etsy.

    i love mike's shop.

  3. Tiffany, thanks for comming to the shop Another Man's Treasures. Thanks for all the positive comments. Come to the big sale this Saturday 11/13/10 65 Elcock Ave Boonton Twsp. 9am-5pm pass the word. thanks Mike The Junk Man.

  4. What a super shop! I love your find of the painting it is so beautiful.

  5. @Mike, OH YAY! My birthday is Friday, so on Saturday, I will treat myself to the sale! I will spread the word for sure. By the way, everything is PERFECT. And my cross looks lovely draped over a photo of my son.

    @Katy, Welcome back! I love your Italy photos. They are so... Italian! I am jealous. I wish you lived here. You would love Mike, and his wife, and his shop. Isn't the painting just magical? And to you, Venice was her name is very happy here, and my sacchetto hangs beautifully in my kitchen. The scarf, what a heart-warming gift from you! I am so happy wearing it every day.