Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pedicure, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and A Big Fat Sale

Pedicure: Usually when I get my pedicures, I bring a book and try to read. It never works. I am too distracted with the, "other foot" or "okay, what color?" kind of interruptions. I've started reading magazines instead, the ones that they leave out for customers. Nothing was really interesting to me, so I just started reading through everything. One magazine had a whole section on cooking and baking. Watermelon cookies, slow-cooker spaghetti, three cheese macaroni and cheese, steak fajitas. I took photos of all the recipes and plan on trying them. I will let you know if any of them are worth sharing.

Random thought. I found Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. I will tell you about him in a minute. (He's a recipe, too, so keep posted.)

Real Housewives of New Jersey: Some of you may know that my ENT office is across from the boutique Posche in Wayne, New Jersey. In my opinion, it's nothing much to look at, in part of a strip mall. I only mention it because somehow (God only knows how), I got myself hooked on that damn Housewives show and happened to notice it.  Tonight, I had run in number three (two was when Teresa was eating at Doc's Kitchen when I was there, but at the time I didn't know who she was) with a RHWNJ cast member. I went to Wal-Mart (okay, okay, stop yelling at me) to get strings of colored Christmas lights. I hang them on my trees on a warm November day, and the green cord blends into my trees so they go unnoticed until the night after Christmas when, BLING! I plug in the lights. Last years lights weren't lighting up entirely. Parts were, on each string, but not one whole set was complete, and I needed eight. I decided to quickly run with my son to el cheapo Wal-Mart for lights. We were parked by the garden section, and that door, and as we were walking through, a worker said, "We're shutting these doors in a minute" which meant we'd parked on the wrong side of the lot. But it was 50* and sunny outside so, who cares? Apparently, Joe Giudice was right behind us, because as we stopped in the aisle to look at lights, he went right past us with his empty cart. Oh my! I was so excited. I exclaimed, "Johnny! A daddy from Housewives is here," to which he responded, "Is that Cat's husband?" (which made me realize that I watch a little too much of the Housewives show).

He was heading to the construction section (paints, tools) and we were taking our lights to check out. Long story short(er), we got into the car and saw Joe trying to exit the garden center, empty handed. The gates were closed. He tried the emergency exit, which was also locked. He shook the door. We giggled. We decided to wait for Joe to try and grab a cell phone pic. As he approached the car, instead of saying something like, 'We love you, Joe. Can we take your picture?' we froze. Only after he was long gone did I snap a photo. I used my cell phone and shot it though my back window. He's about to get into his pick up truck, see?

See him way, way back there?

Which brings me to...

A Big, Fat Sale: If you happen to live within driving distance to Boonton Township, start your holiday shopping early. Mike the Junk Man (and owner of Another Man's Treasures) is having one of his big, famous sales this Saturday, November 13th. Check it out at 65 Elcock Avenue in Boonton (locals, this is where the Boulevard turns into Boonton Twp and before it becomes West Main Street in Boonton.  Afterward, drive on down Main Street and grab a slice of pizza at Roma, walk across the street for some dessert and coffee at Heavenly Temptations, and then continue down to Savannah Hope Vintage for more fun vintage furniture and home goods, handmade soaps and jewelry, hand-knit socks, oh! And Ward Vogt note cards!

Now, about Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. Today, while walking through Kings, I saw these little brown things on sticks. As I got closer, I exclaimed "Mr. Hankey!" I got a few looks, yes, and after shrugging them off, I picked one up. At just $2.99 a piece, Kings was selling these treats. Three marshmallows, unevenly speared with lollipop sticks, were dipped in chocolate with faces painted on them. They were wrapped in plastic, with a felt hat is glued to the top of the plastic. I forget what they were called. Christmas somethings. I bought one, to show my son and to copy, and I will be making these for friends, and the kids, this Christmas.

They are made the same way the S'mores on a Stick were made, but you purposely put them on unevenly, refrain from rolling them in topping, and then draw faces on them once they are dry. Oh, and you must top them with felt Santa hats. When I make them, I will take a photo to share with you, along with my process.

Perhaps they aren't appropriate for school parties, but they sure do look just like the real Mr. Hankey.


  1. okay you are too funny!!

  2. I saw them at Kings so funny!

  3. Oh and one of my dear best friends (my maid of honor at my wedding) her step sister is Kim D the owner of boutique Posche in Wayne. I have never been in the store though nor have I ever watched the Housewives shows. Didn't realize you were a 'Housewives" fan, LOL so funny!

  4. Oh wow! Yes, I am a huge Housewives fan, but only NJ and DC. You should watch!