Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Son Is Getting Buzzed

My ten year old has always had long hair. I can remember only one time that he got to what might be considered a typical boy haircut, three years ago, and he hated it. Oh, was he miserable. He couldn't wait for it to grow back.

Now, with hair past his shoulders, he tells me that he is going to shave it all off for kids with cancer.
Johnny, on Thanksgiving. Check out his long hair.

His school is raising money for kids with cancer, via St. Baldrick's. Kids shave their heads so that they know how it feels to have no hair, like many kids who undergo chemotherapy. They also raise money for St. Baldrick's, so it's a win-win. Last year when his school did this, my son opted to have a green streak put in his hair. But when it was announced this year, he decided to go the whole way.

He got in the car after school a couple weeks ago and said, "Mom, I'm gonna shave my head for St. Baldrick's." My reply was simple. "No, you're not." As a mother, I want to protect my son from disappointment and harm. Having never ever had real short hair, I can only imagine what kind of shock it will be for him to wake up with nothing more than a five o'clock shadow. I talked and talked to him, trying to get him to change his mind. Of course, I support the cause. I am just concerned about the fallout that might follow.

But his mind was made up.

I am so proud to share this information. In one week, at 3 p.m., my son is getting his head shaved bald. I will keep you posted, and share photos. I am amazed at his courage. He is trying to raise $1,000 and has raised $655 so far. If you wish to sponsor Johnny and St. Baldrick's, please click here. Every dollar helps. Of course, many thanks to those who have chosen to sponsor him already. He is very proud.


  1. I thought "buzzed" meant "drunk." I donated. Miss you.

  2. Way to go, you should be sooo proud of him making a sacrifice to help others. AWESOME!

    Is it long enough for him to donate the hair to Locks for Love? Then his hair will go to another great cancer cause. It will be a double!

  3. Yes, Christina's Salon comes and does it, and if it is long enough, they will be donating to Locks of Love. I will keep you posted!

  4. Johnny's donations are up to $730. A big thanks to all the people who have donated so far. You can see the list online, but I thought I'd post it here, too!
    Andrea & Savannah De Morest; Laura, David and Steven Gasperini; Anonymous; Johnny's Grandparents In Memory Of Ms. Laura R Lanni; Bonny O'Mullane; ms. tiffany palisi In Honor Of Mr. Nicola Lanni; Mrs. WeeeeeeeeeeeeC C Palisi MD; The Penkrat Family; Jean and Joel Shane; Ms. Karen Thomas; Mr. Russell Thomas; Emma V; Mollie V

  5. Replies
    1. Why? He raised money for kids with cancer. Why is that sad?