Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I've been making my son bacon in the mornings before school. It's Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon, which is organic and all-natural, and it is protein, so it's worth making. The bacon smell, however, hangs in the air for hours after it's made (not to mention, my hair). It's not a pleasant scent.

I burn a beeswax candle to kind of cleanse the air, but it doesn't do much, so I've resorted to turning both the kitchen and the play room fans on, and also burning scented candles. Today I was able to do something easy to get the scent out, and it was really very pleasant.

I opened the windows.

It's finally getting warm enough outside to crack the windows and allow fresh air to blow through. While the house was airing itself out, I went into my front yard and planted some pansies. When I returned inside, I got the bug to start cleaning. I scrubbed down the walls and the counter tops. I sorted through old books and games, deciding which to keep and which to ditch, and I decided to get rid of two bags full of clothing that had been sitting in wait for my schedule to coordinate with a Lupus pickup.

I took them to a place right in my town that says "Donation Center" or something similar. Rather than deal with whoever was working in the center (I had a ton to do and didn't feel like talking), I noticed two boxes outside, and dropped my clothes in there.

It felt good to know that my clothes would be benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters, that they would be getting used by someone instead of sitting in bags in my basement. And that I was rid of things that I was no longer using.

On my way home, I had my car washed; seeing it shine made me feel renewed. Spring cleaning was in full effect. I am doing my best to keep my house as clean and open as possible for spring, and to keep my lawn and landscape fresh. While I cannot keep the lawn of my net-happy neighbor clear, I can, at the very least, manage my own space.

At least that's the plan.

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