Sunday, October 16, 2011

Band-Aid on Broadway, Denville Up and Running, Denville Day

I just fell asleep in the bath tub. I am that tired. After an amazing day in Denville, I am both exhausted and full (from all that Sergio's fresh mozzarella).

Our day began at the Denville Diner. We went with the kids and W's parents, they were doing the 5k.  It was nice to see them getting geared up before the race.  Outside, Zumba instructor Barb Kane was teaching a class in the middle of Broadway. The music was pumping, the crowd was jamming, and the town was electric with energy.

After breakfast, W and I took the kids to stand across from the start line, so that W could take photos of runner's as they began. They were off quickly, in a huge pack; W's parents went running by us before I could even see them. It was a great way to start the day.

During the race, we went walking to see the food and shopping stands that were out, and we were very happy that we got to meet Dave Curren, meteorologist from News 12 NJ. Funny, a lot of the people I bumped into were very excited about having met Dave Curren. My friend's beautiful twenty-something daughter was gushing over him, and a gorgeous teenage girl (who I will leave anonymous) wrote that while she was excited to meet Kevin Jonas, she was more excited to meet his wife, and to have Dave Curren autograph a News 12 key chain. We watch him report the weather every day, and round the clock during storms. It was so great to actually see him in person. We took photos with him, and got fun stuff, including News 12 antibacterial hand gel, fun and practical.

News 12's Dave Curren (cropped out M to protect her privacy)

After the race, we all walked around a bit, and finally got the kids wristbands, $15 each, to go into the bounce houses and slides. While they were in there, I visited the Sergio & Co. food booth. I was so excited. Ginny, Allyson, Sergio, and his daughter were there, along with a couple of other people. I bought some marinara sauce and handmade mozzarella. They also had handmade mozzarella out to sample, and after I tasted one bite, it all came rushing back. After I got home, my son and I ate a third of the cheese...

The line for the Sergio & Co. food booth was very long the entire day. Fabulous.
That's Sergio in the white shirt with the blue hat, and his wife, Allyson, pictured to the left in the black.

Today's Sergio's sandwich. Fresh mozz, roasted red peppers, grilled chicken on ciabatta bread.

There were many shops and food booths, and bands playing back to back, on two stages. Edge of 17 played, a Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks tribute band, and I'd been waiting all day to watch them play. As it turns out, we were finally sitting down, happily off our feet, having a beer and eating dinner at the Second Half during their performance, and as we were walking to the stage to catch the tail end, lead singer Shannon Walker, was coming off stage.

Shirts from Second Half were being sold for $10, which went back to the town.
Plus, you got a free beer if you bought one.

I had hoped to go to the Kevin & Danielle Jonas meet and greet, over at Spiess Photography, but the line was a three hour long line. Instead, I got to meet Danielle's mom and grandfather, and see both of her sisters. It was pretty cool.

I got to meet a lot of people that I've gotten to know through the Sergio facebook page, and that was really special. People were walking up to me, having recognized me from my photos on my facebook page. It was unexpected and fabulous. Best of all, I got to spend a heartwarming day with W, our kids, and the family, and we had a great day supporting this fabulous town.

Someone posted that the best way to occupy wall street is to shop locally, independent stores. I whole-heartedly agree.


  1. I am sorry that you missed the show. I hope you can catch us next time. Shannon

  2. Oh, I was too! I was telling everyone that we were waiting to see you perform. The kids got hungry, we thought we had time, and BOOM, missed it!

  3. What a great day that was. It was good to see the whole town again trying to come back from the flood. Slot of money was raised that day and the weather was perfect. I enjoy your blog and hope that your house is getting finished.