Saturday, October 15, 2011

Celebrating Denville!

I usually never write about where I'm going, until I'm back from where I've been. But tomorrow is no secret. Everyone is going to Band-Aid in Denville, and that includes me. W and I are going with the kids and his parents for the street fair, bands, and to generally support Denville. We have the Denville's Back, So Back Denville t-shirts, and all of us, including the kids have the I Love Denville wristbands.

The wristband and the pin, to show support. All proceeds are going back to the town.

We've been in support of the town forever (it's a great town) but since the hurricane came through we've been spending even more time in town, trying to support the businesses that opened, and to shop for most of our needs there. Today, we had breakfast at the diner, then went to Dash of Thyme to drop off a bunch of packs of Ward's Scenic Denville note cards that will be available for sale tomorrow at the shop (get yours!). While there, I got two vegan tortilla soup starters, one for us, and one for my son's stepmom (you can add your own meat, if desired, and chicken broth), some sea salt caramels covered in chocolate for W, more hot chocolate for JH, and some cute chocolate for W's parents. The items at Dash of Thyme are amazing, and the owners are so sweet, that we just want to support them as much as possible.

Adorable Moonstruck Chocolates, available at Dash of Thyme Gourmet.
I had planned on going to check out what's new, and say a long-awaited hello to my friend Andrea at Savannah Hope Vintage (I miss that place so much -- it's been a month since I've been there), but our day flew by. After visiting Dash of Thyme, we packed the kids in the car and went pumpkin picking at our local favorite, Hamilton Farms. It was too much fun. We went on a hayride that stops at the pumpkin patch so that we could get out and grab a pumpkin. Mol (or was it Em?) picked one that was so big, W had to carry it. While there, we visited the animal petting area and pet the piggies, shopped the farm stand and got eggs and applewood smoked country bacon, and went home to make breakfast for dinner. It was awesome. We had seasonal weather (cold, overcast, windy), and all the events that make for a wonderful October afternoon. We took photos of our heads in those wood cut outs, and also of each other on the hayride. It truly was a memory making afternoon.

If you are available tomorrow, come out and support Denville. Bands will be playing on alternating stages, including Shannon Walker and her band Edge of 17 (an amazing Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac tribute band). While you are there, visit The Gallery at River's Edge at the Let's Create Art Studio, 106 Broadway, and see the photography show that I curated: Saltwater and Sand. In addition, Kevin Jonas will be doing a meet and greet, and the street fair will have shopping and food booths, including our favorite Italian specialties shop, Sergio & Co. There will be a beer tent and we may visit that, but we will definitely be visiting our favorite tavern, Second Half on Main, for a little Oktoberfest action! There is also going to be a car raffle. It will be a huge event, and WDHA is covering it, so if you cannot make it, be sure to tune in.

Happy Denville Day!

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