Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Burning the Candle at Both Ends...

I've been a very busy girl. After our awesome trip to Disney, I hit the ground running. I've been helping my dad fill fragrances for a very important customer; working with Ward on clients Christmas cards, our town note cards, and some upcoming shows.

At home, I've been under construction (putting an addition on), doing mad amounts of homework with the kids, including relearning the capitals of the states. I've been trying to keep things orderly, in all this, keep the clothes clean, the floors swept, and the dishes put away.

Having been raised in a fragrance family -- my father is a perfumer, or what they call "a nose" in the business -- I've always been around candles. Back in the early 80s, my brother and I used to fill candles for our dad in a Christmas carolers mold. We did different dye colors (red, green, white) and I swear, I could still tell you every detail of their faces. 

I love candles more than you can imagine. They are always burning in my house. I like simple smells that invoke a homey feeling. Sugary vanilla, sappy evergreen, apple spice. Over-the-top florals make me feel like I am at a Victorian tea party, but basics like lavender always work for me.

Talking to my dad, I realized that the family business is in my heart. Fragrance has always inspired me. I'm not a chemist, so I never imagined how the business would find its way into my life. I realized that my interest was in creating candles that smelled like the very best homes and inns. Coffee in the morning, cookies baking in the oven, pine in the winter. It's a simple idea, but I am in love with it.

My dad, my brother, and my ex-husband (who works for the company and is a pro at candle making), are teaching me how to make my very own line of candles. Melting the wax, adding the fragrance, setting the wick, and pouring. I am too excited.

Behold, the wax melter.

I will be handling everything, and will keep things as simple as possible. Minimal packaging, recyclable glass candle holders, clean labels. Most importantly, divine scents that will smell like home sweet home. 


  1. Good for you Tiffany ! Good Luck .. Big KT thinks this is a great venture for you.

  2. I'd like to pre order 3 dozen DG......autumn and fall fragrances...I'll do a whole display

  3. Sounds great. Right now I am doing sugar cookie, coffee bean, and harvest spice. Shipping first week of November. Is this Donna from Bliss Spa?