Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where's Your Halloween Spirit?

I don't know if it's the weather or the economy, but this year, I am shocked at how few homes are ready for Halloween. My son noticed it first, and today, almost halfway to Halloween, we drove through our neighborhood (which is a huge Halloween friendly area) and saw that very few homes are decorated.

Cool Frankenstein napkins by zgallerie

Across the street, our neighbors have their big blow-up pumpkin aglow, which is great, because it's huge and really brings the spirit to us, especially since we see it from our windows. My neighbors to the right and left have gotten their decorations out, too. But very few of the other homes have done much, if anything at all.

Please, we need you all to get in the spirit. We may have faced some big tragedies following Hurricane Irene, and perhaps this up and down weather is confusing (and even depressing, I know it is for me). Maybe we don't have as much expendable income as in years past. I get it. Still, let's get in the spirit of Halloween. Despite the gross construction that is going on at my house, and the huge dumpster full of flooring, drywall, and old siding, I am still trying to maintain the Halloween spirit, both inside and out. You can, too.

Hand made chenille pumpkin set from Savannah Hope Vintage is on my mantel.

Cut out some pumpkins from orange paper. Get cheap orange and purple lights. Change your regular bulbs to black. Hang some witch die cuts on the windows and doors. Plant mums. Please please please decorate for Halloween!

I will be mailing specially hand made tickets (that look like carnival ride tickets) to Johnny's friends, and have them bring them to our house when they trick or treat, to turn in and receive a special trick or treat bag, and a super cool Halloween cupcake lolli (the very ones Beth Moran from Sweet Stuff makes -- sold at Simplify Marketplace).

Our tickets that can be redeemed for a special trick or treat bag and a Sweet Stuff cupcake lolli.

We will also have smore's kits, that I am making myself, for the older kids who wish to stop for a spell and make a smores over our fire pit. We are in the spirit, and wish that you'll join us.

We're DYING to see homes decorated for Halloween. Mwahahahah!

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  1. I decorated. Clearly, you didn't look left whilst driving up the street ;)