Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Return of the Organic Spa Pedicure (but at a new location)

The organic spa pedicure has found it's way back into my life. Over two years ago, I experienced my first one. It was a 90 minute, $90 experience, and I loved it. After some time, though, it became more work than relaxation. I had to endlessly chat with the girls who worked there, instead of just relaxing, or with one of the many women who would sit next to me and recognize me from the previous week. It got tiring.

I left that salon (again, it got to a point that every time I went in, I saw someone I knew who wanted to chat - ugh!) and started going to one I'd been to previously on random occasions, Denville Nails. The space isn't as high end as my previous salon, but it's got great windows overlooking Broadway. I liked this. In winter, I could be warm and watch the snow fall outside. It's a few doors down from my favorite diner, Pete's Denville Diner, so I could easily grab something to eat either before or after I had my nails done. It's been about 18 months since I started going to Denville Nails, and I really like the whole experience. The women are sweet and caring, and most importantly, they are good at what they do.

During my last visit to get a mani/pedi (on Saturday), I saw that they'd added a new type of spa pedicure... an organic spa pedicure. It wasn't the same brand as the one I had previously, and it was $30 cheaper. I had to try it.

There were two fragrance options to choose from, regarding the sugar scrub, mud pack and cream. I got the mandarin and mango. Throughout the pedicure, I kept smelling the mandarin and mango in different variations of strength. It was the yummiest smell. 

The pedicure was, all in all, amazing. All of the products were very moisturizing, and came with callus remover, hot stone massage, and an extensive foot massage. I highly recommend it (and if you go, tell them that I sent you).

Denville Nails is located at 7 Broadway in downtown Denville. They offer regular manicures, spa manicures (that include a paraffin dip), acrylics, gels/shellac by OPI. They have a variety of pedicures, from basic, to pearl, green tea, and now the organic spa pedicures. Monday through Wednesday, a regular mani/pedi combo costs a total of $25. Can't beat it. Walk-ins are welcome.

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