Monday, October 10, 2011

The Little Things (and Kathy Wakile)

Last night, while watching the season finale of the RHONJ, I found something that housewife Kathy Wakile said to be strikingly meaningful. I cannot find the exact quote, but it was something about the importance of being a mother. To paraphrase, she said something to the effect of, I'm not ready to give up being a full-time mom. I want to be there for everything, even watching them open a can of tuna - I'll celebrate it. God, I botched that quote, but the point that she was making was that she wants to be there for her kids, to watch them grow up.

I agree 100%.

I am working at my family business a couple of hours a week, during my son's school hours, and W and I have a business that we do from home. I feel fortunate to be able to be there for the kids as they grow up. Recently, I had a small but meaningful talk with one of them (unexpectedly) in the car. It was poignant. I sat with another while she practiced her spelling words, the night before her vocabulary test. Just this afternoon, I sat on the couch with my son while he read a chapter in a book. These things matter.

My son reading today. What a gift.

While doing the October bulletin board at school, I got to see tons of my son's schoolmates and teachers. One came to me and started commending me on the job that I was doing, both on the board and as a mother. I am not trying to do anything a certain way, I explained, I just lead with my heart. Living this way is how I've come to have the life that I have. Sometimes, I get hurt. Really hurt. But the trade-off is a series of magical, unexpected moments that shape both my life and the lives of the kids. 

Kathy Wakile, I am with you. When it comes down to it, nothing matters more than being a mother.

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