Saturday, December 18, 2010

For kt40 and KT PITA

I have met two amazing kt's or KT's lately. Both have made my Christmas so wonderfully special, and I cannot say enough about them.

First, kt40. Katy. I met her when I started buying things that she makes from her etsy shop. As you know, I am very interested in anything Italian, and anything homemade, so when I found her shop  which is located in Italy, I was intrigued. I loved everything that she sold and, one by one, began collecting them. In the process, I blogged a bit about her, got to know her through emails, and in the end, will be having her paintings sent over here for a February art show

I recently bought a beautiful handmade belt from her. (kt, thank you! I've been meaning to write you to tell you I got it, earlier this week, but it's been so busy. I've worn it everyday since I received it.) Well, the belt arrived in the most beautiful sacchetto along with a bunch of other fun Christmas goodies. A handmade star with "Buon Festa" on it; she had made them for a big craft fair she'd sold at the week previous. How auspicious. I was delighted. I love stars (and again, Italian), and it's a beautiful, plump star with a hanging loop. I immediately hung it in my hallway. I adore it.

She also sent three (I suppose one for each of the kids) handmade mini hobby horses, but where the wood stick would be, there are candy canes.  When my son ate the candy cane out from under the horse's head, I took it (the head) and hung it on the tree. I collect ornaments, so now I have Katy Keuter originals on my tree! And her Christmas card is hanging on my card ribbon in the front hall of my house.

The package from Katy has kept my spirits up in true Christmas style. Thank you, Katy, for being so amazing.

Now, as for KT (in caps, per her request), aka KT PITA, or Karen. Karen read my blog post about Christmas cards, and immediately bedecked me with cards. The post went up on a Sunday, I believe, and that night KT went to the PO in my town to mail me her card, from like 2006! So funny. She wanted to send me a card, but since her cards from this year weren't ready yet, she sent me an old one. A pink flamingo covered in snow. It was my first Christmas card of the season, and I decided to display it before Thanksgiving. Even I break my own rules from time to time.

Since that first card, I've gotten about a half dozen more from her, from different years, and it's such fun to see past year's pictures of her (with her longtime* (yes, Russ, I said it) boyfriend). The more recent year's photos are ones that she took, landscapes, but don't include a photo of her. Her reasoning was funny, and she wrote it out, but it may be too personal to tell so I will refrain from doing so. 

Karen's cards decked my halls long before anyone else's did, and I will always remember that!

Ironically, both kt40 and KT PITA are both in the same art show in February. kt40 is a painter, KT PITA is a photographer. Regardless, they have been my special Santa spirits this year and I will forever be grateful to them for the Christmas they've already given me.

*I call W my "longtime boyfriend," for lack of a better word. We agree that there needs to be a word between girlfriend and wife that symbolizes the level of commitment we have, and so I came up with longtime girlfriend. Our friend Russell laughs at it, which is why I made mention of him in this post.


  1. That's sweet Tiffany. I am glad you APPRECIATE what people do , the way I do. Small gestures NOT about $ etc. For example.. for Christmas every year my Mother takes the time to make cookies (from HER mother's recipes ) pack up my favorites and ship them to me. I look forward to that gift more than any gift that can be bought.
    SO kudos to you for hightlighting the simple , the good and the gift of KINDNESS that people can easily share with each other.
    OK now back to my cynical self ...

  2. Oy! Again...

    from kt40:
    I am so happy that you are enjoying the belt. Your post was so dear thank you! I am glad the kids enjoyed the horses My kids have them they are their candy cane holders so they can have them hung on the tree. My second grade teacher made me one,(years and years ago:) I still have it and use it for my candy cane.
    Happy Holidays we are going off to the mall today, I actually love being in a crowded mall during this time of year I think it is fun:)