Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, To Fill Those Stockings (Hey, Santa Claus)

The countdown to Christmas can now be done on one hand. While Santa does do most of the gifting, I do get some gifts for the family. I am most excited, however, to fill our brand new hand knit stockings with goodies. I ordered five stockings, hand knit, that have our names, birth years, and more, knit into the stocking pattern. In addition, I sewed on vintage plastic charms, different mostly for each stocking, save for the good luck clovers, fish, donkeys, and telephones. 

The woman I bought them from is an etsy seller, and her shop is called Nana's Knits. I ordered them well before Thanksgiving, so that I could have them in time for this holiday. They are great, and between me and the jolly one, those stockings will be packed with both practical things (like socks, and hand warmers) and fun things (like nail polish and hair bands). They are pretty fat, I must say, and may stretch quite a bit, so we need to be prepared with lots of little fun gifts.

Pam, the knitter and shop owner at Nana's Knits has had to turn away nine orders for Christmas stockings since my last blog post, because she doesn't have time to get them done for Christmas. Here is where planning, domesticity, and organization come into play. 

Order them now, for next year. Seriously. If you order them now, you can talk with the knitter about what you'd like in terms of color and design elements, and you can personalize them, as I have, with fun little charms.

Store them nicely with your Christmas decorations until next year, and -- Oh! The Joy! -- next year, when you take them out, you will be so proud of yourself for being so clever. I love sitting by the fire, reading my book, and catching those hanging stockings from the corner of my eye.


  1. You are so organized

  2. I think I told you this when you first blogged about the stockings but...my mom knitted stockings for my brother & I. My brother not being as sentimental as me didn't mind that I took them both and now my hubby and I use them. I love that my mom made my stocking with her own two hands while she was pregnant with me. So much hope and love went into it. And every year when I take it out of storage I just feel a soft whisper of my youth & her love touch my heart!

    And in response to this blog-boy do they ever stretch! They can fit sooooo much great stuff!

    Even though my husband & I haven't been blessed with children we do a great stocking for the pup & for each other. Nothing beats really well thought our stocking stuffers & Santa always does a wonderful job in that dept at our house. Each stocking item is also wrapped no matter how small adding to the fun!

    I'm sure you are a great Santa too :o)

  3. I love that story, Tray. Can you take a photo of them? W's mom has stockings that were knitted for him and his siblings by a family member (I think a family member), and my mom has one from a friend. Nothing beats them. Yours is super special since your mom knit them. I have sewn things on for the kids, so hopefully that will mean something to them when they're older.

    Doubghan (sp?) is lucky to have you!

  4. I will have to take a pic for you!
    & we are lucky to have dubhgan!!!!

    & HERE'S TO AN AWESOME 2011!