Friday, December 3, 2010

No Christmas Cards? SEND ME ONE!

I've received two Christmas cards this year. The first, was a joke from my friend Karen, who, after reading my blog post, It's Time (if not now, then when?), dug up a Christmas card from year's past, wrote it out, stamped it (with a current Christmas stamp, as I mentioned in the blog), and drove it to my town's post office to mail it. She did this on a Sunday night, and it was in my mailbox on Monday. Amazing. You can read about it here, on my blog post Dear Karen. The Monday following Thanksgiving, I got a beautiful card from my friend Anne Blackwell Collins (who also drove to my house on my birthday to leave me super special gifts: read about her in my blog post Stopgap Family) that has great photos of her and her husband, Ed. I was so excited.

Those two cards are proudly displayed in my house, however lonely they may be. I have yet to receive any other cards. I wonder, are people not sending Christmas cards anymore?

On Wednesday, I was reading Real Simple magazine's editor's letter. She wrote, with the popularity of social networking and photo postings, Christmas cards are redundant. Everyone has already seen the photos, she says, and the cards are an unnecessary expense. I disagree. Everyone doesn't social network, first of all. Second, there is something very special about getting a real card in the mail, one that you can save. I have a Christmas card book, that I keep my cards in, and it's out all year long. It's nice, too, when people that you aren't that close to or who you don't see often, get a nice Season's Greetings from you.

Here's my call for cards. Please send me a Christmas card. If you have my home address, please use it. If you want it, message me privately. If you aren't close to me, or don't know me, and want to send me one anyway (THANK YOU!), use my PO box. Tiffany Palisi, PO Box 243, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046. I will send one back to you.

If you still need to buy Christmas cards (slacker), here are some great options.

Personally, I want to buy this one for Ward. It's sweet, and romantic. A set of 5 is $8.50, and it's available at the CheyShy etsy shop.

Reindeer Under the Mistletoe by CheyShy on

CheyShy also has a cute fox with a scarf set, and a husky running with a stolen stocking. If you are looking for something more saucy, check out Haus of Casa. Shop owner Sara Benincasa is a famous comedian who just happened to open up a cutting edge etsy shop. Haus of Casa, is packed with edgey funky cards, like this one called A Fat Old White Man Is Coming.

A Fat Old White Man is Coming by Haus of Casa on

Haus of Casa donates 15% of all profits after fees to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

If you are looking for something subtle and beautiful, here's this hand painted card. Have A Cool Yule comes with heirloom cucumber seeds, and features original artwork. I love this card because it can be framed and hung on the wall, and the seeds can be planted. So it's the card/gift that keeps on giving. It's sold by Azure Dandelion Garden on etsy.

Have a Cool Yule by Sky Rain on
So listen, I've given you all sorts of card options. All you need to do is get a card, stamp it, and mail it. TO ME!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

Keep the United States Postal Service in business while keeping the spirit of Christmas alive and mail your Christmas cards.


  1. Thank you for the feature Tiffany.
    Wishing everyone a Joyous Holiday Season and a Bountiful New Year!!!!
    Azure Dandelion

  2. Your card is beautiful. And I love that cucumber seeds come with it!

  3. No, Sara. Danke to you for the cool card!

  4. Mine are ordered and should be in this week which means I will be doing them on Sunday so expect it next week! I usually have them out by now but this darn cold is really setting me back a bit! I think you will def like this year's picture! Oh and I have not posted it on Facebook yet as I would like it to be seen first when my friends & family receive the card! Watch for it in your mail box soon! xoxo

  5. I haven't posted mine of fb either. I posted a different pic on facebook. My cards are only for my friends who receive them. God, Tray, we are so good!

  6. I did & I LOVE IT! Such a great pic of a loving family!