Friday, December 10, 2010

Hello Santa, Do You Read Me? (and free Christmas CDs)

The year is almost over, Thank God. It's been a rough one. As I write this, I am waiting for my coffee and sewing closed a hole in my pants. The whole is at the bottom of my zipper, which means that anyone who sees me gets to see the whole party. It must be sewn closed. At 11 a.m., I will be working at the Boonton Holiday Boutique on Main Street in Boonton. We are selling Ward's note cards there, and in exchange we have to work a handful of hours.

I am writing my list to Santa, below. It's an idea I got from my boyfriend's family. Before I write it though, I am offering a very cool, free Christmas CD (that I will make you my very own self) to anyone who can point me in the direction of some cool vintage charms, that are under $1 per charm.

Okay, here goes... this is my honest to goodness, what I want for Christmas letter.

Dear Santa,

I am so happy that this year is almost over. I am certain that you've been watching to see if I've been a good girl. I am not sure what your parameters are in terms of good, but I will say that I've tried very hard. Maybe I've failed in some instances, but I hope that you will take into consideration that I have honestly lived with an open heart. Yes, I've cursed incessantly and with gusto and perhaps that will be perceived as bad (Ma was right when she said I had a mouth like a sailor). Their may be a few other demerit worthy instances, but all in all, Santa, I haven't been horrible.

I don't really want new clothes but if you could get me back into my size 6 (and then 4) jeans, I'd be forever grateful.

Oh, and Santa, a handyman, free-of-charge, for a day or two a month would be spectacular. He could change my blown out light bulbs, put new batteries in my fire alarm, handle all things related to electronics, plumbing, and heating. He doesn't have to look like Mark Sanchez (whose birthday happens to be the day before mine - go Scorpios!), but it wouldn't hurt, either.

I need socks, Santa, and underwear. Maybe some fire logs, and Mountain Lakes garbage bags, too.

If you could bring my grandparents back for just one day, please, please, please do it. They could meet JH (two of them died before he was born) and see how much he's grown. We could eat lunch together, and talk and laugh and hug. It would be the greatest day I've had since my son was born.

I've learned that health is about eating good foods, exercising, and limiting stress, so please pack me the motivation to commit to exercising, going to yoga, and meditating. You might need to physically drive me to the gym until I get back in the habit, but that should be okay, since your off-season is 11 months a year.

I know that this is my list, but if you wouldn't mind throwing in some good health for my loved ones,  that'd be spectacular. In return, I will leave you some extra cookies on the fireplace mantle, for sure.

I know that money can't buy love, or happiness, but it can bring financial security and a sense of economic stability. So please, stuff my stocking with cash.

I would love a bit more strength of character, to follow through on the things I want to follow through on without fear stopping me over and over again. I want to allow myself the space to be truly happy, to sparkle in the sun (Twilight fans will understand). 

Give me the focus and the follow through to do like The Gambler says: know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

Santa, it's been a long, hard 41 years. This last one was probably one of the toughest adult years I've had. Please, if nothing else, give me an easy 2011. It's really the one thing that I don't think I could do without.



  1. You forgot to ask for beer

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  3. Funny because I didn't even write about my boyfriend. You should ask yourself how it is that you perceived it to be that way. My letter was to Santa and, quite selfishly, about myself.

  4. Tiffany, your blogs are always so inspiring wittty and usually bring tears to my eyes.This is no exception. I am extremely grateful to have met you. Im saddened that you had a rough year...but EVERYONE pay attention would never ever know it when you meet her. It's true, her motives are pure, and she genuinely wants to help...not just some...but all. Squeeze your parents for me, tell them I say thanks for making you.

  5. Thank you so much for that comment, Ms. Anonymous. I think I know who you may be (A.DeM?) based on your writing. If it is, well then my dear, it's all true about you too. You are wonderful. A blessing to everyone you meet, and I am thrilled to know you.

    And if it's not my dear A.DeM, then please do tell me who you are. I am soooo curious, I could just pop!