Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Share the Love. PDA today.

I am no stranger to PDA. In fact, I am hopelessly, publicly expressive. I am forever smooching all over my boyfriend. My son and the girls are constantly being given hugs, and kisses atop their heads. I could never be in a relationship with a man who thought PDA was tasteless. Mind you, I'm not getting all Alexis Carrington-like with my kissing; I am tastefully, appropriately affectionate.

Today, while walking into my son's elementary school to hang this month's bulletin board design, I saw two index cards taped to the doors. They each had messages printed on paper, taped to the index cards. I don't remember what one of them said, but the other (the one I took) says, "All you need is love!" on the front (see below).

PDA. Join the movement. www.projectpda.wordpress.com

On the back was handwritten, "Spread the love www.projectpda.wordpress.com." This is right up my alley. This movement reminds me of the spirit of the movie, Amelie, my very favorite movie ever, all thanks to my beautiful friend Jamie Allen. In this film, the lead character Amelie does good deeds, guerrilla style. Project PDA is very similar. It reminds me of that lady who toured the world just hugging people; when she was in NYC, people waited on line just to be hugged by her. There was also a man who wore a sign, FREE HUGS, and hugged anyone who wanted a hug from him (click here to see the video). He video taped his project and it went viral on YouTube. Watching it again just now brought tears to my eyes.

In this age of computers and social networking, most of our personal contact comes through the Internet. Skype, IM, texting. Yet humans thrive on physical contact. Ashley Montagu's book, Touching, scientifically proves that. Furthermore, Montagu found that older people who have limited physical contact, were actually sicker because of the lack of contact. Skin is our body's biggest organ, and it needs attention.

Although Project PDA isn't sending people out on a random touching adventure, it is advocating that we go out and spread the message of love. On their About page, Project PDA says:

Public Displays of Affection is a project in:
guerrilla messaging,
intervention in public spaces,
changing the environment,
serendipitous finding,
making people smile.

On the page, you will see photos of people's handiwork, photos of messages people came upon ("serendipitous findings"),  and more. The website is fabulous, and honestly the most warm-hearted thing I've seen all season (with the exception of my boyfriend's family's Dear Santa project).

Let's start our PDA tomorrow. Think about what you might like to do and then remember to follow through with your plan. Spreading beatific feelings to those around you, whether you know them or not. You can submit your PDA to the Project PDA website, if you like. You'd have to photograph your work and email it along with your name, where your message is, and anything else you'd like to add. (Check the website for details.) I can't wait. I have the best idea for my personal Project PDA and I'm planning to do it tomorrow. Very exciting. 


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  2. KT is going to do some "counterpoint" on this subject just having traveled/flown internationally.. share the PURELL not your germs :)
    I looked around the airport / airplane/ thinking .. bedbugs, SARS, HIV, hepatitis , lice, people sneezing etc . and that airplane bathroom ! I saw people go in there with flip-flops still on ! For the love of God !!!! Nothing says LOVE like not touching me :) Humbug??? Hahahaha , get it ?

  3. Welcome back from your tropical island paradise. We missed you.

    I am with you 100%, sister. There is nothing more annoying to me than dirty hands all over every darn thing combined with air-tight windows trapping those germs and heat giving them the perfect breeding grounds. Even more gross, people leaving the bathroom after wiping their privates, and NOT WASHING THEIR HANDS!

    While you were away, I wrote about the importance of hand washing with soap, briefly. I also always keep essential oil hand wipes in my bag, and a bar of soap (I swear) so I never find myself without some way to keep my paws clean. Here's the hand washing blog:


    So in keeping with the spirit of over-the-top, yell-it-out-loud love, and KT's sage advice, keep your PDA limited to those with whom you swap spit on a regular basis ;)

    With love, an open heart, clean hands and a mouth free of cold sores,

  4. Oh dang.. I should have gone back a chapter or 2 .. ok so now we are on the same page again. Now I om off to work.. copy machines, elevator buttons .. file cabinets ! Ewwwww... I'm on a roll.

  5. Make it fun and start leaving little happy notes everywhere. Project PDA in full effect.

    Go see the fun things you can do: http://projectpda.wordpress.com

  6. My love! I'd know that Weeeee! anywhere.