Wednesday, December 1, 2010

STOP! Here We Go

(Photo of my son at the parade this weekend.  Courtesy of Ward Vogt)

In the rush of life, I managed to lose myself. I stopped eating healthy, stopped working out, stopped taking care of me. I started drinking four to five cups of coffee a day, living on fried, fatty foods.

All of this has caused a wealth of problems, including my Meniere's Disease, and now, shingles. Enough is enough. My body is screaming at me. I need to get back to nurturing my body with good foods, exercise, and stress relief.

My ex-husband reminded me to get back to yoga and meditation. My empty calcium magnesium bottle is waiting to be refilled. My gym membership is back in action. Mina, the owner of our favorite diner, has set up healthy, low-salt options for me so that I don't have to worry about modifying foods at her place. The coffee, already, has been cut back to one cup per day. Not easy, but doable.

I am sorry that I didn't write this weekend. I was busy with Santa Land and parades, and visits with family, and decking the house out for Christmas. I promise to write more tomorrow, and to tell you all about my fantastic Christmas banners from Funky Junky Art, stuffing my advent calendar, and all the things I've done so far to make my Cape feel like a warm, Christmassy home.


  1. Great picture! Oh no...shingles! You need to slow down, your body is telling you it needs a break! Take it easy and no stress, I know easier said then done ;)

  2. Shingles, yes. I have been on steroids for a month! for Meniere's Disease, and that compromised my immune system. I am DONE! Back to yoga and meditation, and rest rest rest.