Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pillow Talk

I'm about to start sewing some pillows. I am making what I call 'Love Pillows' for, aptly enough, my loved ones. I haven't made a pillow in 20 years, so my sewing is a little rough, and I don't use a sewing machine.

I paid someone to make me a quilt a couple of years ago. It was made with squares from my son's clothing. 72 pieces for a full sized quilt for $450. The backing is chenille. It was totally worth it; it's our favorite blanket. It gave me this idea to make something a bit easier, but just as thoughtful.

The Love Pillow.

Love Pillows are made from old clothing. I am making the girls Love Pillows by using one of their old shirts and one of their dad's. Their shirts will make the actual pillow, and then I will cut and sew a heart onto the center, with material from his shirt. I will be making one for my mom, from my son's old shirts.

My next project will be heart shaped sachets for Valentine's Day, filled with dried lavender. For friends, I will stamp their names on fabric ribbon and sew them across the center. But that's for another blog post.

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