Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Big Fat Thank You to... (and the best recipe you can make for dinner tonight)

Sometimes, all a girl can do is say thanks and be grateful. Okay, we can pay if forward, too. While I definitely plan to pay it forward (easiest to KT, as Black History Month is just around the corner), I cannot wait to say thank you any longer. Oh, and in the spirit of giving, I am sharing my Cuban sandwich recipe. I swear, it is spectacular. I used to make these sandwiches every Halloween, for parents of trick or treaters, and year after year they would come early to place their orders. I used a sandwich (panini) press, and kept it outside at my trick or treat table, but you can use any pan you have.

First, THANK YOU! To those who have given to me, I know that as much as it's about me, it's more about your generous spirit. That desire to do good things and be kind exists within you. I feel fortunate to be the recipient of your kindness.

To Hilary, for the beautiful note cards you hand-painted and sent to me. What a crazy, fabulous surprise. I adore you, I adore your writing. And now you've given me another thing to love; your artwork.

To KT and Marco, for giving me a bouquet of tulips when I came to look at your art on Saturday. Oh my! Such a treat. And they are looking more and more beautiful everyday. 

Tulips? For moi?

Next, a big thank you again to Paula K.T. for the package filled with vintage aprons and floral sachets. I am so honored that you would do something so kind for me. I was bowled over when I got the package, and still continue to be shocked at your thoughtfulness.

To Andrea, for the public display of affection. I made your storefront window! Does it get any better than that? Yes, actually, it does, because after I made your window, you gave me a blank glass bottle on which to write a quote. As if you haven't done enough spectacular things for me already (like giving me those super lavender sachets, made with vintage fabric), you go ahead and do this. I am IN SHV HEAVEN! 

The storefront at Savannah Hope Vintage (and me in the mirror)

And to Anne B.C. for the most remarkable letter updating me on your life. This is big in so many ways, mostly because you have been a friend for quite some time, and always know exactly what to say. 

This is the very Anne B.C. who knit me dish towels and drove them to my house on my birthday. She is one of the most considerate women I've ever met. She lives a town away, and I used to see her nearly every day, but my schedule changed and with it, I've not seen her much at all. I miss her, and I need to go see her soon. On the outside of the card was a beautiful photo from Canada that someone close to her took, and she shared it with me. 

Thank you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And now, drumroll please, here is my never before shared recipe for my Cuban sandwiches. You will love them, and they are so easy to make. Be sure to read it all the way through, as the cooking options vary.

cuban sandwiches -- goddess style
(recipe originally from Cuban Food Market)
makes 3 sandwiches (1 each, and 1 to share)

  • 1 loaf Cuban bread (or crusty French bread)
  • 1 sliced dill pickle
  • 1/2 lb. sweet ham
  • 1/2 lb. roast pork
  • 1/2 lb. Swiss cheese
  • mustard for spreading
  • butter for spreading

Slice bread into thirds and slice horizontally.

Pile sandwich so that it looks like this:

bread, slathered with think layer of mustard on the inside of the slice
1 slice of dill pickle
1/3 of ham
1/3 of roast pork
1/3 of swiss cheese
1 slice of dill pickle
bread, slathered with think layer of mustard on the inside of the slice

Take completed sandwich and butter the outside of both the top and bottom of the sandwich so that the outsides of the bread have butter on them (to make them golden when cooking). If you have a pan, and need to press the top with a pot cover, then only butter the bottom, and butter the top just before you flip the sandwich. 

Press with a panini press 'til golden brown.
Heat any pan to medium high. Put the sandwich in the hot pan, buttering only the outside bottom half of the sandwich. Use a pot top or heavy plate to press the sandwich down, flattening it as much as you can. Keep pressing, or stack a couple of heavy cookbooks on top of it. After a few minutes, remove the pot top and butter the top of the sandwich, then flip it over and press again until bread is golden brown.



  1. Wow such thoughtfulness!! I am going to give this sandwich a go! I love this kind of food!

  2. Such a sweet blog

  3. Oh yayayayayayayay! Thank you, baby!

  4. @kt, let me know how you do... the layering of meats and pickles is the authentic way. it has been gentrified and Americanized a hundred different ways, but this is the original. so the piling order is very important. as is the pickle, and the butter. sounds crazy but it's all in the blending, and makes a difference.

  5. You are very welcome for the flowers.. you might notice that tulips are the subject of a few paintings. Oh yeah and P.S. I already have a Beyonce Barbie.. so it's not going to be as easy as you think ! hahaha.

  6. Beyonce barbie! No way! Well, perhaps it won't be easy but it'll sure be fun!