Monday, January 17, 2011

Show and Tell Monday - Italian Playing Cards

It's week two in the Show and Tell Monday series, created by kt40. I did as Katy said, and searched my stuff to pick just one thing to show, and I must say that it was tough. In the end, it was a new (old) find that won out.

Last month, when I was cleaning out my grandparents' old dresser, to be redone by the fabulously talented Andrea DeMorest of Savannah Hope Vintage, I found an old pack of playing cards. They were my grandparents, who must have gotten them while on a trip to Italy. I made the choice not to open them, as I wanted their fingers to have been the last to touch them. Still, they look so cool on the outside.

What I love about them, aside from the fact that they were my grandparents' cards and came all the way from Italy, is the design and color of the pack. I love that the box is red, and has faded with time. I love the gold writing (which is difficult to see in my cell phone picture) as it has a lovely texture to it. Very Italian. The graphic is cool, and I love the way "NAPOLETANE" is written across the front.

I have them sitting on the dresser (now painted) in which they were found, leaning against an old photo of W. The two things that I love, one on top of the other.


  1. tiffany,
    these are so cool! I heart seeing all these treasures that are being shared!

  2. I love your blogs!.....ever since i came to boonton, I have met such positive kind giving people. Thank You! You inspire me!

  3. You are too kind, girl. I am coming to see you tomorrow.