Monday, January 10, 2011

Show and Tell Monday (for Katy Keuter)

My dear friend Katy wrote a blog about show and tell.  I liked what she wrote, as it reminded me of show and tell days back when I was a kid going to School #5 in Oceanside. Ah, those were the days. My greatest worries were who was going to be my new best friend, and whether Bobby O'Neill (my childhood crush) would be at school each day. 

She's invited bloggers to do an online show and tell, and though I am a little late getting started, here it is.

Today for show and tell, I have brought my grandmother's ring. 
Aquamarine ring that my grandmother, Rose, wore her whole life.
This ring is gold, with two diamond encrusted loops on either side; they look like bow loops. In the center is an aquamarine stone. I received it after she died, for she never did take it off, as her knuckles grew too big. When I went to the jeweler to have it sized, and to have one of the four prongs fixed, they told me doing anything would destroy the stone. Apparently, the stone is heavily cracked; my mom says it's from all the times my grandmother reached into the back seat of the car to hit one of her girls.

I loved her dearly, and don't care so much for the value of the ring. She wore it every day, while she was cooking dinner for her family, washing dishes, and even (sadly) hitting her girls. I got a ring guard for it, and now I wear it on my ring finger.

Above it is a gold eternity ring that I got from my boyfriend, W. It looks like two bands, one thick, the other thinner, but it is one band, connected in a loop. I love the way they look together. Rings from the two adults who have given me the most love and support a girl could ever want.


  1. Tiffany,
    What a lovely ring! I love that your grandmother wore it her whole life, this is the type of jewelry that has real value!

  2. Your grandma and your boyfriend gave you gold rings. That's so nice that you have rings from both of them on the same finger. Love.