Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hit By Cupid's Arrow (shoot one yourself, get involved)

I am assuming that you all know what it means to Ghost someone's house at Halloween. (If not, click here to read about it.) In keeping with the spirit of spreading anonymous good cheer for a holiday, I am starting something new. At least, I think I am.

It's been a dreary winter. Were it not for my family, and the love of my oh so fabulous boyfriend, I'd been sitting under the seasonal affective disorder lights with a 'Gansett in hand, 24/7. Still, I thought it might be nice to play Amelie and spread a little love for Valentine's Day. I do have one rule. Send only to people who are the same gender that you are. The reason I created this rule is to prevent jealously or problems for people in relationships -- we don't need someone's husband, wife, or significant other to wonder who the hell sent you a heart shaped card, or flowers, or whatever. So sign what you send, even if it's with just your first name.

My extra large conversation hearts in a Ball jar.
I am starting this off on Friday the 28th, so you may want to be on the lookout for something from me. I am not sending to just good friends, and good friends might not get anything. I am sending randomly, to people in my phone book, to whatever page I happen to open up.

The purpose of this is not to receive thanks; rather, it's to share a little good cheer with someone you know. 

I have been obsessing, yes, still, about getting you all involved in Project PDA. This is primarily because I think our society needs a little more joy and a little more love. It's super easy to do and lots of fun. And, my darlings, it's free. So maybe when you shoot cupids arrow (details to follow), you can take a photo of it, and post it on Project PDA. (My sweet kt40, I am hoping you will do something for Project PDA. It is sooo you!) We all can easily find stuff to complain about, but what about sharing good words? 

Oh, and regarding those mind-blowing Private Displays of Affection? Mmmm... those are good to practice, too. Really good. But let's keep them private (they're private for a reason).

how to shoot cupid's arrow (the four D's):

  • Designate to whom you will be sending your treat. It could be a friend, someone at work, and old lady who lives alone on your street, your sister, whoever.
  • Decide what you are going to do. Leave a note, some flowers, a Ball jar full of conversation hearts. You can bring someone a cup of coffee or tea, make them a mix CD, bake them a dozen cookies. If you are crafty, you can make something special. It's yours to decide what to do. I like the vintage looking cards. I know that they sell them in packs at United Smoke Shop. You could probably get real vintage ones, too. 
  • Details: Put a note inside your special package that says, "You've been hit by Cupid's arrow. Do something special for someone important in your life, something to make them smile. Be sure to send it to someone of the same gender only, and to sign your name. Spread the love."
  • Deliver (or mail) your little bit of loveliness to your recipient. (If you are Project PDAing it, take a photo of it before you send it, or if you are leaving it on the hood of a car or a doorstep, photograph it there.)

Most importantly, have fun with it. The love you give away comes right back to you.


  1. yes I like this idea! I am in....I will get on it when i come back from Miami

  2. Went to the mall today, and left tons of You Are Awesome postcards around Victoria's Secret, and various places in the mall. As I was checking out at Macy's, I left one for the cashier, and then at Starbuck's there was a sweet twenty something girl there who looked like she'd *get* it, so I walked over and said, "This is for you" and handed her the card. She was so happy. Made MY day!