Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Freezing Temps and A Nice Warm Car (thank you, W)

I cannot remember a time when it's been so cold for so many consecutive days. I don't need to get into numbers with you, as the bitter cold temps have been record breaking and making news across the country. But I will say that today, when I got into my truck to take my son to school, my truck's temperature gage read three degrees.

But my car sure was warm.

There is nothing worse than waking up and heading out of a warm house to a cold truck, except maybe getting into a cold truck at night. I remember running out to my truck ten minutes before I'd have to get in, wearing my son's sneakers, and throwing on a coat, just to warm it up. I say remember because those days have been gone for something like six weeks now.

About two weeks into December, W gave me an early Christmas present. He switched trucks with me for a day, he said, to pick up a large present. He said he needed my truck. Well, we both have trucks so I wasn't sure this made much sense, but mine is a bit larger (like, inches larger - no big deal). I couldn't figure out what it might be. Maybe a piece of furniture from Savannah Hope Vintage?

So, we meet up for lunch and I run to my truck. He is sitting in the drivers seat, and he hands me my keys, with a bow on them. My keys? And then I see a small black thing with a grey button. He smiles. Then he tells me all about how to use my present.

My remote starter.

Oh, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this gift! Every time I leave my truck, I set my heater to the desired start temperature so that when I click the starter, it turns on the truck, and with it, the heat. I cannot remember the last time I got into my truck and it wasn't warm. This year, of all years, is the one it is the most necessary. Thank you so much, W, for the greatest gift ever!


  1. W says you are welcome.

  2. My Jeep came w/ auto start & I'm loving it! The heated seats aren't too shabby either, LOL
    Go W what a great thoughful gift!

  3. Yes, he most certainly made this frigid winter a whole lot easier. And in summer, I can get the AC going before I get out to a sweltering car.