Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Weekend (feel the love, see me and raise me one domestic goddess)

This was one amazing weekend. I cannot express how deeply loved I felt, or how wonderfully comforting that was. In addition (separately), I cannot tell you a time that I've enjoyed myself more at a party, or engaged in better conversation.

I can say that I spent this weekend surrounded by people who are very close to me and love me, and one of those people in particular brought the love to a whole new level. It is utterly intoxicating, the love and attention that was given to me. I am beyond words. This alone was enough to make this weekend the best on record since our weekend in Point Judith.

Now, the party we (W and I) attended was hosted by a friend whose home I was visiting for the first time. While I may fancy myself a domestic goddess, I have to say that I should be passing the crown to KScorna. She is truly a domestic goddess. She made the most delicious recipes, has a gorgeous well-cared for house, and a walk-in closet in her kitchen filled with aprons, cook books, recipes, and more. Oh, and she just finished knitting a fabulous twisty scarf, is raising two kids, and happens to also have her own business as a graphic designer. You must check out her company, Water's Edge Design. I am booking her for some work next week.

As we walked into her house, we immediately felt welcomed. Her house is warm, yet spacious, and as her husband came to the door, he was smiling. That's always a good way to start a party. Everyone was in great spirits, and the kitchen, which is giant and gorgeous, and is completely surrounded by windows (offering a supreme view of the lake), was breathtaking. With all the snow we've been forced to endure, this party was just this thing to remind us of all good things.

Oh, and to top it all off, when we got home from the party, we decided to watch SNL. Lately, it's been an unfunny show, but last night was uncharacteristically good. If you didn't catch it, you can watch the entire show on (the episode I am referring to, with special guest Jesse Eisenberg, is available for viewing by clicking here). We laughed so hard that I am surprised we didn't wake the children.


  1. Tiffany ... Thank you so much for writing about me in your blog :) Had a great time last night and look forward to many more good times.

  2. Me too. We had the best time last night. Loads of fun! And I am going to call you about some invites (can't post it though - shhh!)